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Tomorrow there will be a concert at Dataran Merdeka. It's not an ordinary concert, it's TVXQ latest concert at Malaysia. As usual, a girl will go crazy about seeing these hots singers, and so do I. Lucky for me, all the saving money that I've been saving all those years become handy to me. When I tried to get in to the line of buying the tickets I saw a lots of girls waiting on the queue line, almost three hours I waited for my turn. The girls in front of me already bought her ticket then it's my turn, the man in the counter apology's to me saying the last ticket was sold to the girl before me. When I return home by monorail i stop at Times Square to by something for my family, i was feeling sad and almost cried. Not looking what head of me I stumble upon a tall man, because I was too sad I don't look at that man face. Then he apology's to me, when I return with a smile he saw my tears flowing slowly. He felt guilty so he ask me for lunch, I tried to reject it but insist me. We ate at sushi restaurant because he's a foreigner, I still didn't recognize him when he ask me what was wrong with me I told him my story without hesitating. Then he laugh at me, I felt angry so I look at his face and want to scold him when I saw his face I felt joy and shame at myself. Because the person who's with me all the time was Changmin, one of the TVXQ members. Then he gave me a concert ticket as a repay for having lunch with him. Then we chat a lot at Shushi Restaurant and I'm feeling a bit better. We exchange number as a mark of our friendship. Then we said goodbye at monorail station with a big smile and good memory. On the way home, I look at the ticket again and realise it was a VIP ticket! I read it again to make sure it was a real ticket, I'm feeling even better than before. After a month we become a close friend.

A Dream of A Fan

Feb 27, 2009
Posted by Nina Cherry

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