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At first I thought there is no way I can continue study. Because I wait till UiTM take me, but there's was something that make me unsuitable for them. Then I was told by my best friend to try PTPL and KUIS. I tried there then I got accepted by both of them but since she recommended me to enter KUIS. So I enter KUIS. Now I'm relief that I have a place to continue my dream.


What A Relief...

Apr 22, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Hi miss Alice 
What kind of dreams 
Do you see 
With your eyes of glass? 
Do they fascinate you? 
My heart is torn 
And bleeding 
I mend it but 
My memories 
Pierce the openings
Hi miss Alice 
To whom 
Are you throwing love to 
With your fruit-like lips? 
Does it make you sad? 
The heat of my tongue 
That let me speak 
Has already cooled 
And I can't sing 
Songs of love 
Still you do not answer 


Still Doll

Apr 1, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

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