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What is Love?
What I understand about Love is
caring your most important person.
The person that keep on our mind,
tangling on our heart by saying please remember me, please think of me.

I do have have that important person,
that person is my friend.
this friend doesn't think of me as someone who tangling on his heart.
he have no taste of a "Friend"
Friend is a friend for him,
not more nor less.

Everyday I yearn for him,
thinking is he the one that holding the end of my red thread?
Thinking is he okay? did he eat well? what is he thinking about? what is his emotion right now?
By seeing you smile is enough to make me happy,
imagine if I'm able to talk with you, door of happiness is waiting for me.
imagine if I'm able to be with you, field of happiness is where I live.

But this feeling won't reach you,
I will holding it until I found the one that holding my red thread.
I will let the river of fate take me to the end of my destiny.
If I were fated to be with someone other than you,
then I have to forget you and learn to love him.

For those who have me inside your heart and tangling on it,
be serious, protect my virginity, be patient, be strong,
because I may not like you at first, but with your strong will,
I'll melt one day, only for you.
never contact me but keep in touch with my parent.
this is a tradition of our religion.
I don't like to couple, because I'm afraid.
I  don't want to make my family feel ashamed because of me,
because I'm their only hope. Their only reliable heir.
If possible, someone that can make happy like the picture above.

This is not a tips nor confession,
but this is what my heart been holding up till now,
Don't ask who is he, because I want to make it a mystery.
Don't ask me how and why, because I don't know the reason it self.
I love him till I can sacrifice and I listen to every word he suggest.
He is the first who can make me complicated without saying anything.
I just give you a hint, he is just like the man in the picture above.
I didn't say Athrun Zara, because he is not like him but he has some of the characteristic.

Keep on holding it till now

Dec 21, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Salam sayang to my readers,
cute isn't it? Nina's new icon.
well, this icon Nina made it last night and Nina just design the header and background. hehe... 
Nina like it because Nina made it to perfectly fit Nina's real image. The headphone is because Nina really love to wear it, even to the class or went to walk. Just like the picture from before, Nina also wear headphone.
Second, Nina wear glasses. So Nina make this chibi wear glasses to.
Oh forgot to tell you guys, this icon named Chibi Nina. Nina made it because Nina was called "Chibi" by some of Nina's friends and Nina like it too =] and some of Nina's friend called Nina by "Nina"
Nina's facebook name is Chibi Nina from where Nina started entered college.
well that's all guys...

New Theme New Icon...

Dec 17, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Salam sayang to my readers,
have you all been eating good?
you better be, since Nina didn't eat rice yesterday and now Nina got tummy ache.
Just now Nina got back from meeting, hehe what kind of meeting? Well, it's about software development.
Enough chit chat, Nina right now is in the middle of making FYP1 chapter 1 & 2 proposal. Kinda a bit blur since it's already past the bed time.
Wish Nina luck and wish Nina able to wake up tomorrow morning, Kay? (^.<)/
Oyasumi nasai to all of you....

Midnight Exercise

Dec 7, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Salam sayang to my readers,
Nina just want to share Nina's most precious picture to my readers.
his picture means a lot to Nina.
Because this picture contain the most happiest moment and smile from us.

Nina even make a print out of this picture that now is hanging on Nina's soft board.
Nina want to keep it save and sound in this blog so that if Nina's laptop or hard disk got burn or corrupt Nina still have it here.

My Most Precious Picture

Dec 6, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang my readers,
kebelakangan ni Nina banyak kali tak update blog kan?
Bukan blog je.... twitter pun Nina dah jarang buka. sebab ape? Sebab blog Nina tak popular dan tak banyak traffic. Nina tak nak banyak sangat traffic sampaikan  Nina busy dengan blog je... nanti Nina lalai dalam pelajaran.
Sekarang Nina dah masuk semester 4.
Nina sangat-sangat la busy sebab banyak projek/assignment yang Nina dapat,
nama-nama assignment tu ialah:
1. Final Year Project 1
2. Scripting in Multimedia (buat game)
3. Software Development (improve sebahagian sistem kuis)
Ini baru yang tertera dekat sini. Belum lagi yang bakal mendatang:
4. Audio & Video in Multimedia
5. 3D Animation
Banyak kan? mestilah, dah semester 4 kan?
Okay back to the topik.
kenape Nina tulis rimas? Nina dalam dilemma ke?
Ye! dilemma dimana Nina di control. Secara jujur, Nina tak suke sistem baru yang ada sekarang ni walaupun dia untuk kebaikan semua orang kan? Tapi Nina prefer sebelum ni, dimana tak ade pun yang complain. Kite buat ikut suka hati kite, kite volunter untuk buat bende tu dengan sendiri. Lepas tu nak collect duit la... seriously rimas doe!!!
Mesti korang pening ape yang Nina tengah merepek ni kan?
Nina bercakap tentang sistem baru yang ada dekat rumah Nina, kampus la senang cerita. Housemate Nina buat peraturan, okay peraturan memang ade untuk setiap rumah. Tapi nak collect duit sebab untuk masak, ingat Nina ade banyak duit ke? Nina bayar untuk duit elektrik pun dah cukup mahal. Ni kan nak buat untuk masak. Kalau Nina join makan sekali tak apelah.... tapi Nina prefer makan sendiri, Nina tak nak menyusahkan dorang. Nina lebih suka menyendiri tak nak mengganggu housemate semua. Nina nak Kak Ina yang dulu, rumah dimana kami sangat bebas buat ape. Walaupun tak ada peraturan tapi kami sangat-sangat bahagia. Rumah pun bersih tanpa jadual, kami volunteer nak buat kerja sendiri kalau kami nampak benda tu kotor. Kalau macam ni, Nina lebih suka duduk dekat taip C. Cuma 2 orang je. tanpa gangguan orang lain. Kami nak buat ape pun bebas, nak masak sendiri pun boleh. Tapi Nina suka dengan bilik sekarang sebab Nina dah jejak bilik ni dari mula Nina masuk Kuis sampai la sekarang Nina setia dan tak pindah-pindah.


Dec 5, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

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