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Whenever I listen to your voice I'll close my eyes and open my heart,
Whenever I see you I'll quickly keep it safely inside my heart,
Whenever I'm seeking for your love I'll play your video,
Your presence makes my world shake,
Your presence makes my blue day brighter,
Your picture I quietly kept in my treasure box.

This heart once shaking of someone love,
This heart once shatter of someone heart,
This heart also healed by your beautiful chirping voice,
Once my heart is healed I don't wish for it to be shatter again.
Your everyday smile always charging my energy all the time.

We always fight, but you kept on supporting me,
Your shouting is the reason I keep on giving my best shot,
My world is not a beautiful life compare to yours,
Being near you may be the best thing in my life,
Thou we are far away,
I'll always be by your side,
I regret for not noticing you before.

I'm heart sick because of your face, voice, and smile.
Please heal me by being near me,
I can be crazy when I'm with you, but that's the best moment of my life,
That's why I can't let you go just like that.
Do understand how much you are that beautiful to me.

I'm Heart Sick, Heal Me, Be Crazy, Can't Let You Go

Dec 12, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my dear readers....
Haha... it's been a very.... long time I didn't post anything. Well, the reason is because I went to my parent's village (Indonesia) since it's near the ocean and a "Village" It's hard to get line internet. (TT-TT). I was planning to write down everything what was happening to me when I was there, but the next day I was REALLY, SERIOUSLY tired. Then I have ton's of thing that I must catch up with my friend (study) but there's a lot of work that they receive when I was gone. Man....!!! How many time they want to torture me? Not just that, lately I always got bad luck. My beautiful luck has gone, no! maybe I forgot to bring it back from Indonesia. hahaha joking. Seriously I'm Damn tired.
But there's one person who always there when I need someone, though I don't really like him at first. ;p We always fight. Whenever we meet we always fight, but he is always there when I need him. hehehe.... Urm... but I'm going to write down everything (only that I remember) in my blog.

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ちょうど朝の風から目を覚ます Choudo asa no kaze kara me o samasu

Long Time No See

Dec 9, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my readers,
    Today Nina going to tell you guys about a happy things that just has happen to me. Well, maybe this is not that impressive for you all but for Nina, it's the most wonderful things that ever happen. Just like what the post title tell you. It's about my most happy dream, I don't know about it. But from all of my dream that I ever had, I think I feel much more happier than the one I like in the past. I feel calm and secure. I think you guys won't believe me when I said that I was smiling when I woke up. Seriously I did it, then I continue back to sleep but then I was disturb by my cousin who is asking if I had a stapler!? Man! You're ruining my dream! Maybe you kept on asking what is this dream that kept me so happy.
   I won't go for the detailed but I tell you this much. Inside the dream, there contain these characters. Nina, Z-kun, A-kun, Z-chan, I-san, J-chan, and L-san. We all stick together till we all reach adulthood (except for I-san) We all work under the same company and we had a happy time together, Z-chan and I-san are all lovey-dovey. J-chan still sticking on her 1 year younger BF, L-san... well... he still all alone but he didn't enter the screen that much. A-kun? well... he still kept on teasing me. Z-kun? well... um about that... I think it's kinda a bit weird but, I was chased by a bad mafia while on the way home. Then Z-kun come and help me fight that bad mafia. I think it's a little crazy, but that's what happen. Why I'm happy because of these things? It's because of an anime called Honey and Clover. They are a college student, even till their graduation and they work at different company they still meet at all the time. When I watch Honey and Clover I made a wish, I wish that someday I have these kind of life. I hope this post not wasting your precious time. That's all. Thank you for reading my so-all-boring post.

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、女の子らしい生き生きと幸せ On'nanokorashii ikiiki to shiawase

My Most Happy Dream

Nov 14, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry
note: This post suppose to be posted yesterday.

To my dear reader,
   Right now I just felt something that hurting real painfully in my chest. The feel is burning, hot, not moving, so packed and heavy. Why? What just happen to me!? This is the first time that things just happen like this. Why it just suddenly become like this you ask? I just don't know, it just happen on this evening. It happen when I doing my homework with my friends at the My 1st Cafe, then they kept on saying that I has a crush on Z-kun. So I just tell the truth out loud on them, about the person who I like was A-san in front of them. The person on that spot were Z-chan, I-san, and A-kun. After that, A-kun kept on asking me when did I start to know him and how do I know him and all. One by one the question kept on hurting my heart.
    At that time, all I could wish was "stop asking about him!". After he stop asking those question the feeling of my chest being heavy, burning, and hot has just started. I couldn't look at A-kun face neither to Z-chan and I-san. I don't know what just happen, even after that. My chest hurt even more, I just want to hurry and go back to my dorm.
    After that, I couldn't do my homework properly and even do anything else. The pain kept on tangling on me. Then I take Air Wudhuk and go praying. But it didn't solve anything, then I try to call my old friend who kept on listening my problem. I couldn't say about my problem but at least her voice and cheerfulness lift up a little of the pain. Then my roommate back, her happiness make me able to smile again. But after she left the memory come back again. All I wish that tomorrow I can smile back as usual.

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痛みや抑制 Itami ya yokusei

9 November 2010 Memory

Nov 10, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Namida no riguretto
Egao kara koboreta
Natsuiro no machi
Kagayaku kara
Sayonara no kawarini
Chiisaku unazuite
Bokutachi wa aruki hajimeru

Basu wo matsu tonari de
Yuugure sotto nami de mita
Warukunai ne koibito ni mieru kana

Mado garasu ni utsutta
Futatsu no kage chigireru youni
Bokutachi wa otona ni natte yuku

Akirame no warui shounen datte
Itazura ni hanasu yokogao ni
Me wo tojita kedo wakatteru tsumori

Namida wa kanashimi no
Soba ni aru dake janai
Ima konna ni mo itoshiku naru
Hajimari no sayonara
Ienakatta yakusoku
Bokutachi wa aruki hajimeru

"Denwa suru" tte itteta
Usotsuki ga te wo furutte iru
Osananajimi mitaina mono darotte

Sonna ni bui mama de
Tokai de kurashite yukeru no
Koraeteru hazunanoni

Namida no riguretto
Egao kara koboreta
Natsuiro no machi
Kagayaku kara
Sayonara no kawarini
Chiisaku unazuite
Bokutachi wa aruki hajimeru

Hontou wa tsuyogari no jibun ga
Kirai ni naru souna hibi yo
Yukkurito furikaeru
Kimi no koe ga kikoeta

Kanau ka wakaranai
Demo yuku shikanai daro
Sonna koto shitte iru kara

Namida ni kakureteru
Kotoba tachi ga kikoeru
Itsuka kanarazu kurushiku naru
Hontou ni sayonara?
Modorenai yakusoku wo
Bokutachi wa kakaete yukunoni

Natsuiro no mama kieta

Mood: Blue Violet            悲しく触る Kanashiku Sawaru

   Malam ni Nina nak berbual tentang sesuatu yang Nina pling suke buat, sebenarnye banyak jugak yang Nina suka kat dunia ni. Dan begitu juga cita2 Nina, Nina pling suke kalo Nina ade byk bakat. Tak semua bakat yg Nina senaraikan dekat bwh ni Nina miliki, disebabkan kekurangan dana dan tentangan dari ibubapa Nina (mengarutla bg dorg). Ok2... this is what I want to have.
-Cooking (including pastry)
-Playing intrument (anything that create classic sound)
-Decorating and planning (building)
-Repairing (this talent is a convenient talent)
-Creating Story
-Creating Animation
-Singing (so that I can lullaby my children)
-Gardening (include Ikebana)
-Communicate (very uncomfortable talking to a guy and 1st meeting)
-Dancing (anything that doesn't hurt myself in the future)
I guess that's it. I hope I'm able to learn all this in my life spend. Nina nak jadi mcm ayah Nina yg pandai dlm byk benda. Tu je... sbb benda2 ni sgt berguna utk diri kita dan org yg tersyg.

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           恥ずかし hazukasi

The Things That I like

Posted by Nina Cherry

Hai hai... today Nina want to talk about Fairy Tail. I always missed the chance to watch it, but Nina do love Anime like this kind of type. Actually Nina love any kind of anime even all of them. Hehe... (^_^')\
Okay back to the point, Fairy Tail is about a guild of a mage (magic user) many kind of mage gather here to upgrade and improve their magic power. There are also many other guild that like Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail is manage by Makarov the Master. Natsu a Dragonslave (fire user) meet Lucy a Celestial Spirit Mage, she has nine zodiac celestial spirit (gold key) and four common spirit (silver key), Gray the Ice mage and Erza called the Titania Erza are the most strong mage user in Fairy Tail (They always show these four mage so I only know that they are the strongest). Happy (a talking cat creature and has a pair of wing) is also one of them. He is Natsu companion, the five of them always join in to go on a quest. They meet many of kind villain and their past. Fairy Tail is popular for having a weird mages and keep on having trouble in town.
Nina's favorite characters following the rank are:
1. Lucy
2. Natsu & Gray (they in the same level)
3. Loke
4. Lyon
5. Virgo
6. Erza
7. Wendy
That's all. Nina like all their songs like one of them are in my blog click it to hear.

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           穏やかで、ソフト  Odayakade, Sofuto

Fairy Tail

Nov 6, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry
Tag :

Salam sayang to my blog readers and friends. This is the part 2 of the last post, well the topic are still the same anyway. After thinking all that long and till make my head go round and round. I decided not to confess, not to anyone, not to A-san either. I'll just focus on study and all. You may say that I'll still fall for someone and that what I say just a bluff. But seriously I MEAN it! I know it's hard to do that thing. All I want is just waiting for that person to come. So please keep on supporting me, support me that 'That' person do exist for me. I don't want to return like before where I became obsess and he ran away from me.

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           無表情と愛されていない Muhyoujou to aisa rete inai

Critical Thinking 2

Nov 5, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang for all of my readers and friends today Nina feel sooooo... well, I don't know how to express it myself. Tehe... Okay... okay... ehem. This morning till the class end nothing special happen to me. But this kinda-excitement came afterward. Well... to be frank, I kinda miss him soooo much!! I try thinking what happen if I confess? Then I decided just to message him at 1st, after thinking too much I plan to ask my BFF.
Caramel, I think I'm gonna confess to A-san
Emm... Yeah.
... you better wait.
Till his Final end?
What I mean is better wait a little longer.
(Heartbeat stop for a moment)
But surely his message just make my day so colorful...! Well that's enough for my confession in here. Seriously I really just realize that I like him, he is my ideal and mature type. It's true, if I disturb and confess now he might reject me. After all it's his critical time at the moment.

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         愛で Ai de

Critical Thinking

Nov 2, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Komichiwa n Assalamualaikum my friends...
Okay... long enough not to write, sure is rude. Today Nina gonna tell you about my course subjects for this semester.
1. Preparatory English II
2. Arabic Language II
3. Fiqh Islami II
4. Creative Multimedia Drawing
5. Introduction to Graphic Design
6. Introduction to Programming,
Okay... why is Nina telling you her subjects course? well... its because Nina want to talk about this one subject. That is, Introduction to Programming. When Nina in 1st sem Nina a bit understand about what is programming, but now Nina forgotten what is programming tehe... :p it's not because Nina purposely forgot it. No! Soon Nina understand that Nina is still too far from understanding what is IT itself. Nina only now the common basic of computer. Nina still wanna know what is IT what is technology. That is why Nina want to understand what is Programming. After Nina learn about programming and understand it, Nina will tell you about it from Nina point of view. Okay?

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         ノーマル  Nomaru

What Is Programming...?

Oct 30, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

To my dear friend, I have enter KUIS, hehe... I feel so like a (senior) koz today one of new the new student just call us "Kak" hehe... (#^v^#)
Okay2 to the point, before I enter KUIS, my grandfather on my mother behalf... well. He just past away... I feel terribly sad. Well of course I'm sad... but... the point is, I don't have any grandparent left. My grandmather on my father behalf pass away 2 years ago. I'm unable to see my grandparent since I'm stuck at Malaysia for over 11 years. Just at the time I'm able to go hometown the left me without seeing me.
Sooooo terribly sad!!!
Okay... Now the story of my 1st week at KUIS. I already entering semester 2 (so proud) my result are... well this is kinda embarrass to say... well... I got... 3.15. I know it is not that much! I didn't work hard enough.
My 1st class were Preparatory English II, nice, beauty and cool lecturer. She is young, most boy probably drooling by seeing her beauty. Sorry boys, just to add word don't get angry. And I get my 1st homework from it. Surprisingly I go to class earlier than before. We all go 30 minutes before the class start. Haha... Then my Arabic Language lecturer still the same like before, but he became more kinder than before... hehe as usual my friend (girl) is crazy about him. But what disappoint me the T. Major subjects still not starting... man... I want to start learning Creative Multimedia Drawing!!! But the lecturer are no where to be found. (sigh) so what!? If you want to be a pro study hard right? Now let's go open that book and study...!!! (^v^)
Zuki: But Nina, you still don't have the book yet, and you got English homework. (*o*)
Nina: ... eh... you're right... ehehe... (^v^;) Well see yo next time my dear readers... (^-^)/

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        幸せ Shiawase

My 1st week on sem 2

Oct 27, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Okay... Nina nak perubahan dekat blog Nina.
1st of all, Nina nak letak gambar Chibi Kobato di permulaan setiap blog. seperti diatas.
2nd Nina nak letak mood n jugak icon Kobato ada cube tp x lawa sbb Icon tu besar sgt. Tapi mood Nina dalam warna n dlm bhs jepun. Mcm kat YM Nina...
Nina plan nak buang signature tp x lawa plak. So Nina letak je la... kekalkan.
Mungkin ni je kot yg Nina nak ckp buat sementara ini.

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         平静 Heisei

Perubahan perlu berlaku di blog ku

Oct 9, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

 Nina nak bagi tau, 11/10/10 bersamaan hari isnin. Nina amek test utk kereta P. Doakan nina ek...! (^v^)/ Yg kedua, Nina x lame lagi dah nak masuk kuis. Hmmm, mcm mne la khidupan Nina utk sem ke-2 ni. Nina bukan nye ape. Mase sem 1 dulu Nina byk kali wat benda yg memalukan diri Nina. Nina jnis yg susah nak lupe peristiwa yg memalukan, memarahkan, membuat diri ini bodoh, and menakutkan. Sampai sekarang Nina ingat lagi dari mase Nina kecik sampai sekarang Nina masih ingat semua benda yg memalukan. Jadi Nina berharap biar sem-2 kali ni Nina dpt mengawal emosi diri. Seriously kalo kawan2 ade kat posisi Nina msti susah nak berdepan dgn org yg pernah mengalami peristiwa yg memalukan diri sendiri. Utk kwn IT yg terbace blog ni, sila jgn diungkap peristiwa yg anda kenang bersama Nina. Sbb Nina akan hidup bersama anda utk 3 tahun.
Oct 8, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Ehem, Assalamualaikum semua.... (^u^)/
Nina nak mengusik satu benda dekat sini. Rasa ketidak puas hati pasal Nina x dpt nak tgok anime yg Nina nak tengok..... (TToTT) Walaupun Nina dah pnah tgok, tp Nina nak tgok lagi sbb crite dye best gle... Apatah lagi crite tu carya company CLAMP. (-.-) Sekarang ni Nina cume dgar ost dye je <-(OST Maniac). Oh ye, Sbb knp Nina x leh tgok video tu? Sbb video tu berlicense, and Nina tgok online... mestilah nina x dpt nak tgok. Hehehe... (^_^)\ Tp x kesah, sbb Nina ade suruh kwn nina tlg downloadkan. Kalo dye x dpt gak anime tu Nina beli je la kat kedai CD langganan Nina. Hehehe... okay.... itu shj rintihan Nina utk hari ini.

Peraturan Makin Ketat...

Posted by Nina Cherry

Okay, mula2 sekali Nina nak ckp yg Nina x lama lagi dah nak masuk Kolej balik. Nina patut masuk kolej 21/10/2010 ni, tp sebabkan Nina ikut Exco PMFTSI Nina kene balik pada 18/10/2010. Nina mmg nak tolong akak2 FTSI tp ntuk penginapan kitorang kene duduk kat qaryah (yg lame punye) tp sbbkan imaginasi Nina yg tinggi n jugak kawan Nina sndiri pernah nampak ade "Pocong" kat situ, Nina jadi takut. Nina ajak kawan, tp kawan sndiri pun x sure kalo mak dye bg pegi awal. Macam mana ni....??

Perasaan Yang Tak Boleh Diungkap...

Oct 5, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

To my dear reader,
   I'm using this opportunity to tell you the truth. this 15 years of my living span (3 years is not counted) to tell you the truth, I have no special person call "Boyfriend". I you guys confuse because of the way I'm writing this blog feeling that I have this special person is because of unrequited love.
   The story is just like what I write in the blog. The no.1 special person is someone that I meet when I'm in form 2. We just ordinary classmate, because of his cheerfulness I began fall in love with him but when I confess to him, he reject me saying that he want to study first and he is too young for puppy love. Soon I found out that he like my best friend, just imagine how painful is that?
   The no.2 special person is no.1 best friend, he kinda cute, cool, has warm smile (my type) I meet him when I'm in form 4 but I try to plan it carefully by being friend with him first, he accept me by being friend but whenever I try to call him or message him he never replied. I still stick on him by asking his friend help also my friend, but my friend advice me that he is a player. My heart cry so much, but I still stick on him till I got my SPM result back. Then I gradually forget about him and I give up, since he never care about me and my friend also worried about me.
   The no.3 person is when I meet him when I work at Kamdar, we are like a friend. I just say that I like him and never think of dating him. He say thank you and reject me, but he say that he like to be my friend. Up until now I still contact with him as a normal friend.
   The no.4 person is my current friend, we meet and go out (double date) once. I know him from my friend, but we just only contact and I understand him a little bit only, he always there for me but when I think of dating I try to stop that thing from my mind. Since we only meet once I don't think he like me back, and knowing his mature and brotherly character I would expect that he will reject me.
   So in the simple way of explaining, I gave up love. This is the best for me not to hurt my own heart. But I just loving that person but not going to tell him my feeling. But whenever I read manga or watch romance genre anime, I think of those memory again, then I'll write my feeling to this blog. This blog is a place where my unrequited feeling being stored. I'm still single and available. Please don't misunderstood that I have boyfriend or something.

Sincerely and Love by,
Tsukina Kanarimoto

To My Dear Reader

Oct 4, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

A current new day has just started,
a reminder tell me about my void,
a void about this unrequited love,
Long ago how much I love you,
It was once use to be a place for love,
But since it just something that someone didn't want it,
it was left empty,
Since this 15 years, I have nothing to fill the void,
no one want to fill this void,
so empty it has been,
so cold it has been,
this part can never be replace once it already crack,
so please someone fill it with all your love,
so it will stay as strong it is,
with a support it can be strong,
no longer empty,
no longer cold and crack for wind to touch it.
But, I have been looking and searching,
No one want to help me.
Do you know how sad it is?
How pain it is?
No being able to fell warmth.
In a vast, all alone since I already reach 18th I'll be alone,
but without love, I feel like a machine doing something,
the same thing repeatly,
day after day, without no one looking after me.

Picture: Mitsuki (Full Moon o Sagashite)
Theme: Blue Cloud by Kajiura Yuki


Oct 1, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Yaaay.... Final tuk sem 1 dah hbis... aq dah blik rumah... alhamdulillah... puasa pun dah nak hbis... hurmmm... tapi... Nina bru hbis sem 1, perjalanan jauh lagi... -.- tapi tak pe... kalo kte usaha gerenti Nina x perlu repeat. Oh ye... kebelakangan ni Nina x dpt nak tido malam... kesudahannya Nina tido pagi... jadi la Nina macam burung hantu... tekanan darah pun makin menurun. Payah kalo tak disembuhkan. Macam mne ek nak pulihkan penyakit burung hantu nie? Nina kalo boleh... nak bangun awal2 pagi, hirup udara segar dgan embun2nye skali. Tengok pemandangan pak cik n jiran hantar anak pergi sekolah, matahari terbit yg tukar awan biru jadi jingga. Suara burung yg lagi memeriahkan waktu pagi. Sedihnye jadi burung hantu, org lain tido nyenyak. Nina baring x buat apa2 sambil dengar suara2 pelik dtg dr dapur (bunyi tikus) duduk dlm gelap. X suke la... Sape2 yg terbace post nie, sila bg tau cara utk tido mlm selain mkn ubat tido ke e-mail Nina
Nina btul2 perlukan pertolongan kawan2.... sedih sgt2 nie.... kalo boleh nak tido secukupnya... tido pada waktu yg ditetapkan n bgun pd waktu yg ditetapkan.

Apakah Kesudahan Ini....?

Sep 4, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

There's word can't be spell in this world,

If you spell it out, your world wold be dark,

and you'll be all alone.

But if you kept quite all the time,

without using any kind of spell,

Your world would be dark also.

Everything around you, is not easy to be left just like that.

If you did something your destruction may fall upon you.

If you didn't do anything destruction will fall upon also.

Nothing is perfect, only god.

Nothing is satisfied enough, only god.

But when we want try our best,

obstacle will approach you.

The only choice is to fight,

though I'm not good at fighting.

But if you kept on trying,

Victory will accompany you.

I try to be fair.

But one of you still get hurt.

I don't know what to do,

until we all get hurt by this.

That is why, I don't want to get to close to other,

I don't want my little kitten to get sad.

So it's better, if we all act like a normal family.

We fight, we laugh, we cry, we smile all together.

If you want to be cared, you need to care them first.


My Beautiful Imperfect World

Aug 22, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry
 The feeling of being left out

Lately I have problems, but this problem was once ago happen to. It's about my half-sister. I have a feeling that it's like a Cinderella story. Ever since I entered KUIS she became different person. Every thing that belongs to me she take it all. Even my room, she has her own room but she use mine to sleep and do everything. My bed that my father gave it to her she didn't use it. Now my bed that was made by a small wardrobe (lay it become a bed) she use it. Now I can't sleep at my room, maybe you guys will say "why don't you just share that one bed" right? But this is different. she say it soft but I can hear it. "Annoying". Don't you feel that you are an outcast? I use my parents room to sleep, though they didn't know what is happening. I kept quit about this. I made my father sleep at the living room with my cousin. I felt guilty! I think like I'm not part in their family now. My mother rarely speak with me. They treat my half-sister more than me. Who am I now? Am I not part of this family? My father speak to my half-sister more and more, he speak with me when he need me (about computer thing) Why did it turn out like this? All those thing was mine once. Why did you take it all from me? I know you don't want to be left out... I can be friend with you but don't take anything from me. It's good enough you already take father away from me (his love) just don't take my mother away too. I try to be the best daughter for them but on the process you take them from me. Do you know how much this heart ache? I want to cry, but I don't know to refer to.

They Belong To Me!

Aug 15, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Arrgh...!!! Geramnye... Nina geram sangat2... sebab... Assignment yg ade dpan mata nina nie, Nina x tau nak buat macam mana...? Minggu ni plak kne antar.... wah....!! I hate such kind of assignment...
(sigh) Zuki: Nina... why can't you ask your friends?
Nina: Because I'll just copy from them! There's no originality and the mark will be little too...!!
Zuki: Why don't you just look at how do they make it? What are they trying to say and everything? isn't that your problem?
Nina: Oh yah... I never think about that...
Zuki: You see... you need a little conversation with me...
Nina: Thank you Zuki-kun. You are a truly friend. I love you...
Zuki: Your welcome...
So there you have it... my problem is saved... but wait! I need to print it today!! How I suppose to ask my friends?! Noooo......!!!!
Zuki: (sigh)...

Masalah ku...

Aug 8, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Tak tau la nak ckp ape... dah 2 malam nina sanggup membuta untuk download game yg satu nie... tp... ade je dugaan melanda hidup nie... Dah nak habis download dah... ok la kan? tp... kakak tertutup plug utk cas laptop nie... terpaksa bukak blik n re-download blik... ok tinggal tido jap... lme la gak laptop nie x tutup... risau gak kalo2 ade suis tau transistor yg terbakar sbb bkak lme sgt... tiba2... hang...di tgah jln... akak plak dok tanye, "adik, dah hbis download ke blum? akak nak gne tgok video ni.. (komputer rumah, gne WiFi la katakan)" nina jwablah... " kejap eh kak... nak install blik, sbb jd hang blik" uninstall blik n download blik... sabar je lah... sehari x usik laptop sbb tkut hang lg... tp tangan gtal gak nak men YM gak... men la... bkan jd hang pun... alhamdulillah...x hang... dah hbis download dah, tinggal finishing touch dye... nak melawakan game tu.... je... akak nak game RPG.... dye nak tgok game tu mcm mne? kalo klelakian sgt dye x suke... pastu bkak la show skejap... Alamak! hang la plak.... restart laptop blik...tgok dah hbis ke blum? Bukak laptop... alhamdulillah dah hbis dah... dye dah tulis Play Game... dgan sabar ku menunggu nak download, kakak ku dgan gembira menonton video di youtube tiba2... "your application unable to perform" aik? x kan x hbis download? dah2... dah terlalu lme aq mnunggu tp ni hsil dye... dlm hati merintih kesedihan... Ya Allah... nape la game faveret aq x leh nak men ni...? adakah Kau menghalang supya aq tidak lalai seperti dlu...? (sigh) Trus aq gi uninstall sume yg menyemak kat dlm laptop aq... dah la... cuti sem nnt bru aq download ko btul2. dan main ko sePUAS-PUAS hati aq... bersabar adalah salah satu ibadah dan juga sebahagian dari iman kita... ni pun ngantok sbb dah berjaga semata2 nak tggu hbis download punye game... huh... RPG punye psal nina snggp jd x shat mcm nie... dah lah tekanan darah rendah... tisur pun x ckup, silap hari bulan terlentang kat katil serba putih (hospital). Ni je lah yg nina nak sampaikan isi hati nina yg SANGAT2 kecewa... kusudahi dngan wasalam...

It's been so long since we haven't meet each other. We could even talk but we can feel the thing that what we want to say, you knew that I like you and I knew that you hate me. I still remember it, the time when you hate me that much. It so painful but what ever it is, I still like you. Do you remember that? I was a burden to you, but when I look at you one more time at this moment. That felling came again just like before, but. We couldn't meet face to face like before. Right now, I have no one inside my heart. The feeling that I have once with you, is not here at the moment. Only you who can make me feel this way. I hope Allah can let us meet again one day. This is the feeling I have when you are not around, it's like a really big hole inside this small red heart. I look fine outside this world (blog) but deep down inside my heart I was crying out loud on gaining your love. I dreamed, of meeting you. That only bitter memory you gave me, It's a really sweet memory to me now. I don't know. Ever since I know you I have this really deep feeling, even it's already this long but only you can make me this hard on others. I still haven't the person who can make the same feeling like you did to me. No one, even that person is a greater and for more nicer than you. Ya Allah, let me meet you once more to clear this situation. How I admire you, though no one like you. But I don't know why, you are the one that able to make my day so colorful. With writing this blog, I am crying inside. Crying isn't the way to gain your love, but praying to Allah is the only way for me to be able to get close to you.

The Lost Heart...

Aug 7, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

There's a lot of wound in this world.
All of them are just the same.
If you hurt me I'll got wound that can be seen and cannot be seen.
The wound in the heart and the wound on the skin are the same.
It need an antidote to remove the bacteria and need time to close.
Heart are the same.
Use antidote that can't be seen but you can feel it.
By saying sorry it'll remove all the pain.
And need time to close the scar that was made from the words that is the bacteria that can't be seen but can feel it.
We need time to it close and heal from it.

A Wound of Heart.

Jul 18, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Assalamualaikum... mina-san...!!! Ogenki deska?
Nina wa ogenki desu... (^,^)... Now, Nina want to say... I miss you all!
I've been busy with midterm, but I was just playing all the time. Actually I'm busy with my mountains of assignment. Including right now, I'm doing it. Since it was so boring, I spend a little bit time to write something on my blog. Oh yeah, recently I bought books, (that makes my money end up gone in a flash) (TT-TT) it's about dream (Yume) a dream that show what you dream and what is the meaning behind it. A little tips from me. If it's a good dream you can tell it to your friends and family, since it was from Allah s.w.t. But if it's a nightmare, DON'T tell it to anyone. Because it's from Syaitan (Devil) the reason is, that dream might come true. BUT, if you dream of fantasy and you cannot find a meaning of that dream, that's your dream's dream. got it? from that on, I never tell anyone about my dream either happy dream nor nightmare. I wont tell it to anyone. I hope you guys have a good dreams....

The Secret Behind Dreams

Jul 12, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Assalamualaikum minna....!!
How long has it's been? I can't remember how long it's has...
Now... let's talk about what have I experience when I enter a new life. My first experience of living in hostel is... we have to be "a little" selfish. Because we need to do a lot of things. Like finishing an assignment and other things as well... I made a lot of new friends and a lot of new feeling... that's a secret please... urm... what else? We also don't have a lot of time to leisure. and my broadband is slow... I meet a lot of interesting people... and right now I'm trying to raise my Iman. Because of that I don't have a lot of time writing this blog. We are not alone in this world but at the same time we also leaving alone in this world. Sometime when we happy people would having the same feeling but sometime when we sad they never appeared in front of us. That's why I'm increasing my Iman so that we can get close enough with our creator... Allah. He borrowed us a body and he lend us the earth for us o live. He always there for us, he always hear and watch over us... May Allah save and protect us...

This World that We Borrowed.

Jun 25, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

A love that will never fade from just 1 second.
A love between three bestfriend.
“Love me more than her” That will be the girl’s heart voice.
She just shut her mouth till he marry her bestfriend.
This isn’t right. This is not you. This is not it.
Just because she is pretty than me
“Why wont you look at me?”Is what I will say to you.
Can you forget about her? Isn’t this is cruel?
What happen to our happy time? The three of us?
Why nature always like this?
Making the one that always help the one he love to get his lover.
Being crush just like that and left behind.
This isn’t right. This is not you. This is not it.
A love that will never fade from just 1 second.
A love between three bestfriend.
“Love me more than her” That will be the girl’s heart voice.
She just shut her mouth till he marry her bestfriend.
This isn’t right. This is not you. This is not it.
Just because she is pretty than me
“Why wont you look at me?”Is what I will say to you.
Can you forget about her? Isn’t this is cruel?
What happen to our happy time? The three of us?
Can we just be like before?
A happy and sad time. I get it.
I won’t going to stop you again.
I will find my own way, my own light.
Can you show me that smile? Though it hurt my heart.
Just smile like we used too.
A smile that shine brighter than Sun.

Shining Smile

Jun 10, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Dunia dicipta untuk kita merasai sesuatu yang baru, jika kita redha ia akan menjadi indah seperti taman bunga. Tapi jika kita tetap dengan kedegilan kita, ia akan menjadi sebuah penjara dimana kita sentiasa terkurung pagaikan pesalah. Ini kisah dimana diri ini memasuki sebuah tempat yang dinamakan KUIS tanpa kehendak diri sendiri tetapi kerana kehendak Allah s.w.t. Empunya badan merelakan dirinya di bawa mengikut apa yang dimahuiNya. Tetapi tanpa sedar, diri ini mendapat sesuatu yang tidak terbayang betapa indahnya tempat itu dipenuhi. Iaitu ilmu yang dicari-cari. KUIS kini bagaikan kota kecil bagi diri ini.

Suasana Yang Baru Menjelma

May 12, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Damn...!! ops... sorry2, ehem Assalamualaikum to those who are muslim.
Nape tetibe Nina ckp "Damn"? It's because of this song!!!

Inori - You Raise Me Up by Lena Park.

Reason 1. Ni lagu citer Romeo x Juliet.
Reason 2. Lagu die bermcm-mcm bhs. (Eng, Jap, Indo) that's all I know.
Reason 3. The story and the song match very well.
Reason 4. Citer Romeo x Juliet to sedih... (ending only) tp nina x phm. How can they in to love each other since they just meet and not meet that often. Dorg just suke sama suke at first then tetibe dorg saling merindui then dorg jumpe pun x slalu mana and dorg tunjuk babak romantik (bkan yg pervert) tu sikit dimana Romeo jumpe Juliet tu tgah menyamar jd laki.
Reason 5. The one I hate the most! SUARA DORG BERCAKAP TERLALU SOFT!! AQ X DGAR APA YG DORG CKAPKAN!! Walhal intro yg dorg tunjuk KUAT yg teramat!
Reason 6. Yg aq ni plak, tetibe taksub dgan lagu and citer dorg ni knpa?
Reason 7. Nina terlebih kesian kat Francisco, Tybalt, and Curio walhal dorg x mati pun. Tu yg Nina pelik.


What Is This...!?

May 1, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

At first I thought there is no way I can continue study. Because I wait till UiTM take me, but there's was something that make me unsuitable for them. Then I was told by my best friend to try PTPL and KUIS. I tried there then I got accepted by both of them but since she recommended me to enter KUIS. So I enter KUIS. Now I'm relief that I have a place to continue my dream.


What A Relief...

Apr 22, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Hi miss Alice 
What kind of dreams 
Do you see 
With your eyes of glass? 
Do they fascinate you? 
My heart is torn 
And bleeding 
I mend it but 
My memories 
Pierce the openings
Hi miss Alice 
To whom 
Are you throwing love to 
With your fruit-like lips? 
Does it make you sad? 
The heat of my tongue 
That let me speak 
Has already cooled 
And I can't sing 
Songs of love 
Still you do not answer 


Still Doll

Apr 1, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

I could never imagine that I change my interest to blue. Usually I love pink, it's already 17 years since I love that color. Now I'm thinking of choosing blue as my future car, blue as my blog layout... and I was thinking of painting  my room to blue!! But I still haven't forget about my beautiful soft pink. The color of my phone, my purse, my bed sheet, my towel, my sweater, my dress, my... almost everything is pink!! So if I change it to blue doesn't mean that I love blue now. Let just say that I like anything that mix with white color. See ya soon!!


Who Can Imagine....

Mar 23, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

This going to become my future transportation. Blue is cool isn't it? Perodua Viva Elite EZi Midnight Blue...
Wish me luck on my license exam... so that I can get license P soon...


My Future Transport...

Posted by Nina Cherry

Dear you,
I know that the both of us didn't know that much about each other. Although we act like we have a deep relationship, but I'm always running away from you. You want us to be closer than before. But I want to ask you, what kind of feeling that you have for me? what are the relationship that we have right now? If we are more than just a friend, more than just being a closest friend. We better stop it here, I don't us having a deep relationship which we might hurt each other. That person makes me lose of my attention towards you. Although we chat everyday and having fun everyday I realize that I'm trying to built a shield around my heart.
The thing that I want right now is, not to get close to you. So that I can't hurt you in the future. All I want is the let a person who can knock down this shield of heart of mine. That person can make my heart go wild and can chase you like I'm chasing that person right now. There's a magic between that person and me, which is I always want to sit beside him and I can relax in peace although there's a world war, but that person didn't cast a spell on me. So why that I can feel the attraction, feel the aura? All he done to me is hating me. But I didn't feel that aura at all. So all I want now is a person that have the same aura and a kind of felling. Can you understand why we have to stop this kind of relationship?


Dear you...

Mar 19, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry
Yay...! SPM Nina lulus tanpa cacat celanya. Walaupun x sebagus yang kite harapkan. Tapi sekurang-kurangnye parents Nina happy dengan result Nina. Nina dapat 2A- 2B 3C+ 1D 1E.

Hidup kene senyum selalu. Tak kisah jikalau kite gagal kerana kita akan berjaya selepas Gagal. Benda yang lepas jadikan pengajaran. ALWAYS SMILE my friends...



Mar 11, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

It's always been you,
Whenever I close my eyes, I see you,
Whenever I dream, I say your name,
Why is your existence is coloring my life,
I meet someone is your friends,
We talk a lot and see a lot,
But I didn't know about a lot.

I want you to see me as someone,
Someone that ordinary,
Not a special as you want me to,
So do you, I only see you as ordinary friend,
Not more or less, but why?
Why I kept seeing you every corner in my life?
You always in my mind,
I want to erase this feeling, but how?

You know why I don't want this feeling?
It's because someone is  trying to reach my heart.
It's because I think I'm the only hope for him,
You are a friend to me, thats all,
So please don't hope for more than what we can see.
It's always all about you,
I want to feel this difference between us,
When you are far away from me.


All About You

Mar 6, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Didalam dunia ini tiada yang seindah pelangi dan tiada yang sesedih kematian yang akan berkekalan untuk waktu yang lama. Jika inginkan kebahagiaan peluklah kesedihan untuk beberapa seketika, lalu datanglah kebahagiaan untukmu. Jika inginkan kesedihan, dunia akan datang menyelamatkan mu... di mana kebahagiaan akan mencari mu... Wahai bondaku, seketika ini kau memeluk erat kesedihan yang kau tak ingin pernah sekalipun terlintas dihadapanmu... ananda percaya kebahagiaan  akan muncul untuk menyelamatkan mu. Jadi janganlah kau bersedih. Hiasi mahkota mu dengan senyuman hangatmu, jangan biarkan orang lain merasai kebahagiaan yang bakal kita kecapi bersama. Dunia masih jauh menunggu dan menanti untuk seorang insan yang sanggup merelakan dirinya memeluk penderitaan yang tidak terbayang betapa pedih dan sakitnya hatimu itu. Walau dari jauh seperti tiada harapan, tapi ia setia menanti dan mencarimu... Jangan biarkan ianya terlepas. Kecapi masa kita diwaktu ini, jangan tertinggal walau sesaat pun. Doamu pasti didengari oleh-NYA...


Kisah Indah yang Sedih

Mar 5, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Both of them are wonderfull to hear,
They are the most beautiful things in the world,
My dream is to feel everything that I can say "it's wonderfull"
But I can't get it why?
He didn't allowed me to feel this wonderful things.

I want to show love,
I want to show music,
To you just for you,
Sometime I can accept your thought,
But sometime I can't,
I have to listen what you have to say.

I really, really want to feel Love and Music,
Let me play guitar,
Let me play keyboard,
Anything as long it's the wonderful music of love,
I really want to show you this felling of love.

Sometime you need to open your heart,
To this feeling,
I want to show this world to you and everyone else.
You can feel everything but why not music?
Do you have a black memory of it?
If you do then let me give you a wonderful  memory of love and music.


Love and Music

Mar 3, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

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