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Salam sayang to my readers,
here I want to save PICNIC by keep editing my picture by using PICNIC.
PICNIC soon will be gone, and it's my favorite spot for editing picture too... (TT^TT)
that is why the three pictures below are edited using PICNIC and I also using Premium Item. Since they said the premium item will become free... so I use it wisely.. Hahax (^^#)

well... this is my master piece...

Save PICNIC with editing your pic

Feb 6, 2012
Posted by Nina Cherry

The place I walked with the person I love 
And the scenery that I saw that time 
Can't turn back, I run through the present 
What am I going to encounter ahead?

Until I end up standing still 
Until I ask the meaning behind 
Surely, I'm not an adult yet 
The thing I see now 
The person I'll meet now 
What I can see inside is just what stands before me

~To the me ten years after~ 
Are you happy right now? 
Or in loneliness 
Are you crying? 
But besides you 
There's something that won't change 
You're just not aware of it 
Aren't you able to protect it?

In the days that pass, I leave my feelings 
Just the time, I only run after 
I carried in my back, in someone's dream 
The days I look back to, would they come someday?

~To the me ten years after~ 
Who do you like now? 
Or maybe it hasn't changed 
You still like that person? 
But someday 
Before you love somebody 
If you love yourself 
Would you had been able to say it?

The people you cherish 
Haven't they changed even now? 
Or you were separated afar 
Do you walk on his or her own? 
But, such a meeting 
A parting will happen again 
Than "the person I am now" 
Have you become more beautiful? 

~To the me ten years after~ 
If you are happy right now 
The things about me that day 
Are you still remembering them? 
In that, there's something painful 
There's me that cried but 
Those tears, gently, 
Bring them back to your memories

Letter Song

Feb 5, 2012
Posted by Nina Cherry
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