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What is Love?
What I understand about Love is
caring your most important person.
The person that keep on our mind,
tangling on our heart by saying please remember me, please think of me.

I do have have that important person,
that person is my friend.
this friend doesn't think of me as someone who tangling on his heart.
he have no taste of a "Friend"
Friend is a friend for him,
not more nor less.

Everyday I yearn for him,
thinking is he the one that holding the end of my red thread?
Thinking is he okay? did he eat well? what is he thinking about? what is his emotion right now?
By seeing you smile is enough to make me happy,
imagine if I'm able to talk with you, door of happiness is waiting for me.
imagine if I'm able to be with you, field of happiness is where I live.

But this feeling won't reach you,
I will holding it until I found the one that holding my red thread.
I will let the river of fate take me to the end of my destiny.
If I were fated to be with someone other than you,
then I have to forget you and learn to love him.

For those who have me inside your heart and tangling on it,
be serious, protect my virginity, be patient, be strong,
because I may not like you at first, but with your strong will,
I'll melt one day, only for you.
never contact me but keep in touch with my parent.
this is a tradition of our religion.
I don't like to couple, because I'm afraid.
I  don't want to make my family feel ashamed because of me,
because I'm their only hope. Their only reliable heir.
If possible, someone that can make happy like the picture above.

This is not a tips nor confession,
but this is what my heart been holding up till now,
Don't ask who is he, because I want to make it a mystery.
Don't ask me how and why, because I don't know the reason it self.
I love him till I can sacrifice and I listen to every word he suggest.
He is the first who can make me complicated without saying anything.
I just give you a hint, he is just like the man in the picture above.
I didn't say Athrun Zara, because he is not like him but he has some of the characteristic.

Keep on holding it till now

Dec 21, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Salam sayang to my readers,
cute isn't it? Nina's new icon.
well, this icon Nina made it last night and Nina just design the header and background. hehe... 
Nina like it because Nina made it to perfectly fit Nina's real image. The headphone is because Nina really love to wear it, even to the class or went to walk. Just like the picture from before, Nina also wear headphone.
Second, Nina wear glasses. So Nina make this chibi wear glasses to.
Oh forgot to tell you guys, this icon named Chibi Nina. Nina made it because Nina was called "Chibi" by some of Nina's friends and Nina like it too =] and some of Nina's friend called Nina by "Nina"
Nina's facebook name is Chibi Nina from where Nina started entered college.
well that's all guys...

New Theme New Icon...

Dec 17, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Salam sayang to my readers,
have you all been eating good?
you better be, since Nina didn't eat rice yesterday and now Nina got tummy ache.
Just now Nina got back from meeting, hehe what kind of meeting? Well, it's about software development.
Enough chit chat, Nina right now is in the middle of making FYP1 chapter 1 & 2 proposal. Kinda a bit blur since it's already past the bed time.
Wish Nina luck and wish Nina able to wake up tomorrow morning, Kay? (^.<)/
Oyasumi nasai to all of you....

Midnight Exercise

Dec 7, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Salam sayang to my readers,
Nina just want to share Nina's most precious picture to my readers.
his picture means a lot to Nina.
Because this picture contain the most happiest moment and smile from us.

Nina even make a print out of this picture that now is hanging on Nina's soft board.
Nina want to keep it save and sound in this blog so that if Nina's laptop or hard disk got burn or corrupt Nina still have it here.

My Most Precious Picture

Dec 6, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang my readers,
kebelakangan ni Nina banyak kali tak update blog kan?
Bukan blog je.... twitter pun Nina dah jarang buka. sebab ape? Sebab blog Nina tak popular dan tak banyak traffic. Nina tak nak banyak sangat traffic sampaikan  Nina busy dengan blog je... nanti Nina lalai dalam pelajaran.
Sekarang Nina dah masuk semester 4.
Nina sangat-sangat la busy sebab banyak projek/assignment yang Nina dapat,
nama-nama assignment tu ialah:
1. Final Year Project 1
2. Scripting in Multimedia (buat game)
3. Software Development (improve sebahagian sistem kuis)
Ini baru yang tertera dekat sini. Belum lagi yang bakal mendatang:
4. Audio & Video in Multimedia
5. 3D Animation
Banyak kan? mestilah, dah semester 4 kan?
Okay back to the topik.
kenape Nina tulis rimas? Nina dalam dilemma ke?
Ye! dilemma dimana Nina di control. Secara jujur, Nina tak suke sistem baru yang ada sekarang ni walaupun dia untuk kebaikan semua orang kan? Tapi Nina prefer sebelum ni, dimana tak ade pun yang complain. Kite buat ikut suka hati kite, kite volunter untuk buat bende tu dengan sendiri. Lepas tu nak collect duit la... seriously rimas doe!!!
Mesti korang pening ape yang Nina tengah merepek ni kan?
Nina bercakap tentang sistem baru yang ada dekat rumah Nina, kampus la senang cerita. Housemate Nina buat peraturan, okay peraturan memang ade untuk setiap rumah. Tapi nak collect duit sebab untuk masak, ingat Nina ade banyak duit ke? Nina bayar untuk duit elektrik pun dah cukup mahal. Ni kan nak buat untuk masak. Kalau Nina join makan sekali tak apelah.... tapi Nina prefer makan sendiri, Nina tak nak menyusahkan dorang. Nina lebih suka menyendiri tak nak mengganggu housemate semua. Nina nak Kak Ina yang dulu, rumah dimana kami sangat bebas buat ape. Walaupun tak ada peraturan tapi kami sangat-sangat bahagia. Rumah pun bersih tanpa jadual, kami volunteer nak buat kerja sendiri kalau kami nampak benda tu kotor. Kalau macam ni, Nina lebih suka duduk dekat taip C. Cuma 2 orang je. tanpa gangguan orang lain. Kami nak buat ape pun bebas, nak masak sendiri pun boleh. Tapi Nina suka dengan bilik sekarang sebab Nina dah jejak bilik ni dari mula Nina masuk Kuis sampai la sekarang Nina setia dan tak pindah-pindah.


Dec 5, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang my readers,
ada yang tak tidor lagi ke? bagus bagus, Nina nak buat pengumuman ni.
Oleh kerana ayah Nina menghadapi kesulitan kewangan, maka disahkan bahawa tahun ini Nina tak dapat pulang ke Jawa... nak balik Jawa tapi tak dapat.. huhu... (TT^TT) Tapi tak apa... Nina dah plan siap siap untuk aktiviti ape yang Nina nak buat biar Nina tak menghabiskan masa dengan main game 24/7 boring kot... and lagi satu otak jadi mati.
Okay okay, ape yang Nina nak buat ialah...
jeng jeng...
Nina nak buat satu projek kecil sahaja... tapi bagi Nina besar!!! sebab...
Nina nak buat anime tapi cerite melayu...
faham tak...?
Nina nak buat anime, tapi suasana melayu...
maaf kan saya Puan dan Sir yang mengajar saya untuk buat animasi perempuan bertudung. Tapi kat sini Nina nak buat animasi perempuan ada yang bertudung dengan tak. Sebab... character banyak sangat... takut susah nak cam kalau semua pakai tudung. And cerite ni ada unsur unsur cinta, tapi Nina nak buat bab romance ni tak nampak. Sebab dia pasal budak sekolah menengah. Hehe... Tapi Nina ada masalah... suara untuk character character Nina. Jadi Nina ingat nak mintak tolong kawan kawan Nina... hehe... jangan marah tau bagi sesiapa yang terpilih... alah... bukan nak publish kat TV pun... setakat publish dekat blog adelah... tapi yang susah and segan nye nak mintak tolong kat membe membe lelaki... sebab ada 2-3 watak lelaki...
Insyaallah hbis je exam final Nina start buat... tapi kalau tak dengar kabar berite ataupun senyap je makne nye project Nina ni ketandusan idea la... doakan Nina berjaya ek? sebab dengan projek kecil ni la yang Nina nak bawak untuk temu duga bile Nina nak kerja nanti.
Projek ni Nina nak buat macam ala-ala anime...
lagu opening and ending... itu dikemudian hari... hehe... okay la.. Nina pun dah ngantuk....
Selamat Malam,
Good Night,
Oyasumi Nasai,
Wan an.....


Sep 8, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Salam sayang my readers,
Okay, I would like to make a game. Hehe, pretty easy for those who know.
Just for fun, no prize kay? since this blog is not popular and got no fund in it.
Okay the game is simple... just tell me:
- What is "it"
- From Where
- and give me the name of "it"
Simple right? I just want to know how many of you are an "a" fan...
Okay below is the "thing"

I know that you're the most wonderful princess in the world
So I want you as my bride

First off, by any chance, did you cut your hair? I hope you don't mind if I touch it a bit
Second, those new heels look good on you
Third, you don't need unnecessary chatter to add to your words
And look, since your right hand is empty, shall we hold hands?

I know that the things you do are just to make you look tough
So don't worry, you're as adorable as always, okay?

The loveliest princess in the world
What is your request? ...Got it
I'm on my way, so don't feel lonesome
Just who do you think I am?
I'm your knight in shining armor!
Say no more! If you'd like some pudding, it's in the fridge
Check 1, 2...
There's no point in grumbling or complaining
That's all she ever does
Hm, now which was that dress she wanted...?
Wh-What? A white horse? If you insist...
Take my hand and we'll ride the merry-go-round
You'll have to be satisfied with this for now, my Princess

I know that the things you do are just your way of acting tough
Oh? If you keep saying that, I'll have to bop you a couple times

I'm your prince, and yours alone
It's a little out-of-character for me
But it's not all that bad
You really are loved
I do believe that someday you'll realize this

I don't yet understand everything about you, and I don't think I ever will
A shortcake with a strawberry on top
And delectable pudding made from premium eggs
I put them in the fridge while you were asleep
With this I can breathe a sigh of relief
Yes, you can do whatever you put your mind to
So I'm prepared

I suppose it's natural, because you are...
You're my princess, and mine alone
I'm looking right at you, so don't you go anywhere
Sometimes I'll hold you gently close to me
Of course, it's a little embrassing, so I cover it up with, "Careful, you'll be struck!"
...But perhaps it's me you're stricken by?
Mm hm, You love me 

Good Luck and All the Best!!!

Game 1

Sep 6, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Salam sayang to my readers,
okay okay. Nina nak cakap kat sini, sebanyak mana video dalam Vocaloid. Nina paling suka dengan gabungan suara Miku Hatsune dengan Kaito Shion.
Sebab dorang duet suara dorang jadi harmoni, tapi la jugak sesetengah lagu tu suara dorang memang tak boleh ngam. sebab suara Miku tenggelam. Lagi satu, video ni adalah kenapa Nina suka pasangan ni. Sebab jalan cerita yang menarik. Rase nak je buat anime pasal ni, tapi tak de suara watak. Kalo nak diikutkan boleh je gune Vocaloid tapi semuanya trial... tak best kan? Tapi betul ape, kalau semua free penat la ape yang kite bina tapi tak dapat bayaran. hehehe... Okayla panjang Nina berleter.
(^_^) Enjoy (^_^)

mitsumeau sono shisen tojita sekai no naka
kizukanai furi wo shite mo yoi wo satoraresou

yaketsuku kono kokoro kakushite chikazuite
toiki kanjireba shibireru hodo

arifureta koigokoro ni ima wana wo shikakete
wazukana sukima nimo ashiato nokosanai yo

miesuita kotoba dato kimi wa yudan shiteru
yoku shitta gekiyaku nara nomihoseru kigashita

sabitsuku kusari kara nogareru atemonai
hibiku byoushin ni aragau hodo

tatoeba fukai shigemi no naka suberikomasete
tsunaida ase no kaori ni tada okasaresou

arifureta koigokoro ni ima wana wo shikakeru
wazukana sukima nozokeba


tatoeba fukai shigemi no naka suberikomasete
tsunaida ase no kaori ni tada okasareteru

Our lines of sight intersect within this closed world.
Although you play dumb, I can almost feel your infatuation.

Hiding my burning heart, I approach you.
Simply feeling my breath will be enough to paralyze you.

I now set up a trap to capture your captivated heart.
I won't leave a footprint in even the smallest crevice.

Thinking that my words are pure, you've let your guard down.
Even if it were a potent poison, I had a feeling that you'd still drink it all down.

There's no place to escape from this rusty chain;
the more you fight against the tickling of the clock's second hand, the harder it gets.

If I slip you into the deep bushes,
you'll probably be violated by the scent of our mixing sweats.

I now set up a trap to capture your captivated heart.
I now peak into the small crevice,

and capture you.

I slipped you into the deep bushes,
and you are now being violated by the scent of our mixing sweats.
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Salam sayang to my readers,
today Nina want to share something cute and funny. Because of the Vocaloid influent that my friend brought to me, I become to addicted to all of their songs.
Are you all familiar with Miku Hatsune? Yes, she is the vocaloid Diva (as far as I know)
last night there this one title song that keep me wondering what kind of sound will they make, so I open it and I found it pretty cute and amusing.
This is one of my selective video for this month.
(^_^) Enjoy (^_^)

• Prelude -Entrance of Musicland-

ohanashi o shiyou  mukashibanashi yori
motto motto suteki na  otogibanashi

futo me o akeru to  masshiro na usagi
ooawate de kaketeku  ato o ou no

• Busy Rabbit

CHIKUTAKU CHIKUTAKU  isoide ikanakya  ma ni awanai!
aa  CHIKUTAKU CHIKUTAKU  GIKUSHAKU suru no wa mou iya da
sora  CHIKUTAKU CHIKUTAKU  jikan wa don don hette yuku
mou tonikaku boku ni wa jikan ga nai

nee  sonna ni awatete  ittai zentai doushita no?
dokoka no dareka to  itsu da ka dokoka de machiawase?
sou! kanojo wa CHIKUTAKU  tottemo jikan ni SHIBIA da yo

"Sonna ni?" "Sou sa!"

datte kanojo wa joou-sama

KAKUKAKU-SHIKAJIKA CHIKUTAKU  dou ni mo jikan ga nai kara
hanashi ga aru nara  mata no kikai ni shite okure

sore nara hitotsu dake oshiete  naze sonna toki demo
youki ni uta o utau no?

koko ga MUSICLAND dakara sa!

jaa osaki ni shitsurei  mata au hi made BAI BAI sayonara!


aa  nante fushigi na  sekai na no deshou
kono saki wa nani ga matteru kashira

• Happy Singer

ojou-san  ee?
ojou-san  watashi?
"Sou ojou-san" "Naani?"
"Kimi wa dare?" "Watashi no namae wa......"
"Kimi wa namae na no?"

sou iu anata wa dare na no?

Who am I? toikakete miyou
Who am I? wakaranainda

Who are you? nee oshiete yo
Who am I? aimai sa

tada wakatteru no wa  utatteru boku wa
saikou ni HAPPII tte koto

You love music  uta o utaeba
sukoshizutsu miete kuru

boku ga ikiru imi wa kitto koko ni aru
"Datte sou boku wa" "Sou ne  kitto watashi mo"
saikou no SINGER na no sa!

• Crazy Tea Time

kono fuugawari na RIZUMU wa doko kara  kikoete kuru no kashira?
sorya watashi da yo  watashin koto daro?  saa koshi kaketara hajimeru zo

ocha wa ikaga? ocha wa ikaga?
tanoshiku nomeba  sekai mo odoru
ocha wa ikaga? saa ocha o douzo
aa nante hen na FUREIBAA

fudan no aji ni narechimattara
subete ga taikutsu ni nacchimau mono sa

arikitari no mono ja tsumaranai
sore o shitta YATSU wa  minna IKAREchimau no sa

ocha wa ikaga? hora  ocha wa ikaga?
ki o teraitakerya  IKAREchimae
ocha wa ikaga? saa ocha o douzo

aa  IKARErya tanoshii TII TAIMU!

• Invisible Cat

mayoikonda mori no naka  watashi o izanau koe ga
fukai kiri ni kodama suru  watashi no michi wa docchi

acchi socchi soretomo kocchi?
yuujuufudan na ojou-san

dakedo sore wa watashi mo onaji
acchi mo socchi mo aruku michi

aa  yorokobi ya kanashimi ya itoshisa made
uta ni shitai mono zenbu  nuri kasanete ittara

saisho ni motometeita mono ga  nanika wakaranaku natte
saigo ni nokosareta mono wa

toumei na etai no shirenai  ongaku to mukosei no zangai
sore o geijutsu to yoberu no ka  dare ni mo wakaranai

atama no naka wa GOCHA GOCHA demo  toumei na no mo warukunai
dakedo kimeta  watashi wa kimeta  watashi no michi

• Empress > Finale

kou ka fukou ka  kanojo ga eranda
michi wa joou e  tsuzuku michi

joou heika no onari!

watashi ga joou-sama sa  nanika monku aru no?
watashi ga utaeba  dare mo ga kugizuke
subete o fukujuu saseru OORA

"Anata ga joou-sama"  "Sou sa oboete ooki"
"Utsukushii utagoe"  "Atarimae ja nai?"

OOKESUTORA  saa hajimemashou
watashi no MUSIC


minna iu koto okiki  watashi no tame ni kanadenasai
subete watashi no mono yo  watashi wa joou-sama dakara sa!

chotto matte  kore wa minna de kanaderu MUSIC
henteko demo  mata maranakute mo
ooawate na toki demo  HAPPII o kanjiteru no sa

juunin-toiro dakedo  kasanareba HAAMONII ni naru
riyuu wa tanjun sa  datte  WE LOVE MUSIC!!

• Finale

ohanashi o shiyou  mukashibanashi yori
motto motto suteki na  otogibanashi

sore wa arifureta  mahou no PHILOSOPHY
minna no HAATO ni kakureta  MUSICLAND

• Curtain Call

Alice in Musicland 
How do you get to Musicland? 
Over the hill or underland? 
Or just behind the tree? 

When clouds go rolling by 
They roll away and leave the sky 
Where is the land beyond the eye 
that people cannot see? 

Where do stars go? 
Where is the silver crescent moon? 

They must be somewhere 
in the sunny afternoon 

Alice in Musicland 
Where is the path to Musicland? 
Over the hill or here or there? 
I really wonder where

Now we know the answer 
When we're enjoying music 
Always we're in Musicland!

Alice in Musicland

Posted by Nina Cherry
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Salam sayang to my readers, termasuk yang singgah mesra dekat blog Nina ni.
Maafkan Nina sebab dah lama tak layan blog ni kan? Bukannye ape, tapi sebabkan Nina busy sangat dengan assignment. (>.<") Kene buat game la, buat animation la. Penat!! Bukan tu je, dengan midterm yang 2 kali... haish... Tapi nasib baik game Nina okay (>.<6) Animation je cacat skit... ape taknye, kerje last minit hehe... Also OOP pun, esok ni Nina kene buat projek OOP plak, walaupun cuti tapi ade jugak kerje... 12 September plak dah start final exam tapi kawan plak pinjam buku untuk subjek tarikh 12 ni... (T^T). macam mane nak study? entah la... cube dapat kan jugak la cara nak dapat buku Nina balik.
And banyak jugak perkara yang terjadi dekat Nina, seperti biasa. Kalau bukan soal keluarga, mesti ade kaitan dengan persahabatan dengan percintaan. Ingat lagi post yang Nina tulis bulan ogos hari tu? (>.^) sebenarnye itu la salah satu bende yang terjadi dekat Nina. Mesti korang semua cakap, "alaa, pasal laki pun nak sedih ke?" Memang, sebab satu-satu nye bende yang nak bagi impak paling besar dalam hidup Nina ialah "lelaki". Sebab itu Nina tak nak buat lelaki benci Nina. Kalau lelaki benci Nina, Nina tak tahu nak buat ape. Tapi kalo "perempuan" Nina tak kesah, sebab Nina dah dilatih untuk handle dengan perempuan.
Boleh ke Nina hidup tanpa lelaki? sebab sepanjang hidup Nina, lelaki la yang buat Nina rase gembira tapi diwaktu yang same dorang jugak lukakan hati Nina. Sebab sebelum ni pun Nina dah cuba untuk hidup tanpa lelaki, tapi tak boleh. Walaupun mase semester 1 dulu Nina tak pandang langsung lelaki sebab Nina dah ada seseorang dalam hati, tapi sayangnye dia terlalu sibuk dengan hal dia. Lagi satu dia jauh dan jumpe sekali je, simple to say Nina is not good with long distance relatioship. Tapi Nina masih lagi rindu and sayang dekat die, sebab die la sorang yang sabar layan Nina walaupun Nina selalu marah-marah dekat die. Cara Nina cakap ni macam rindu je dekat die? Memang!! Nina memang rindu dekat A-san!! Walaupun die tak hensem tapi hati die baik! And then Nina jumpe je orang yang Nina suka, mule-mule tak pandang langsung sebab kawan je kan. Tapi lama-lama die menarik perhatian Nina, tapi die lain... he is a cold heart person. Tapi Nina pun tak tahu macam mana Nina tertarik dekat die. But forget about him, he already reject me anyway... (v-v)
Then I meet a guy who I just meet, sama jugak perangai die. Cold heart person la jugak, tapi die jenis lain. Die nak avoid dari Nina sebab dia tak nak nanti Nina kecewa, kecewa? kecewa pasal apa? I don't care la. You are my friend and you already reject me so why I must disappointed with you? Walaupun Nina belum confess lagi, tapi Nina dah kene rijek. Macam mana tu? haha, nanti faham la tu... Tapi jangan la mengelak, lagi sakit hati Nina.lagi kecewa Nina dibuatnye!!!
Lepas Nina tengok satu anime ni, Nina perasan yang die ni suke dekat orang tu tapi orang tu sibuk dengan kerjaya die. Die sanggup tak fikir pasal kawin sebab kan die suke laki tu jadi ape yang die fikir ialah teruskan kerjaya die yang sedikit sebanyak membantu lelaki yang disayanginye itu... so in conclusion, Nina ingat it is best if you don't need a guy in life. wait till they come by itself, for the time being just focus on making your parent live a simple and happy life with you.
That's all, hope with this I can remind myself about me now being a anti-boys!! but for my friend it's an exception since they help me a lot in study.

Mungkin Ini Yang Terbaik

Sep 2, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Sorry, Nina agak malas waktu ni... maafkan Nina ye semua... >.<'

Kad Raya untuk semua

Sep 1, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Salam Ramadhan dear reader and blogger!
Sempena bulan ramadhan ni Nina byk sgt menghadapi dugaan, bukan sahaja menahan makan dan minum, tapi menahan nafsu jugak... ^_^ hehehe.
Sebenarnye dah lme Nina tak berblog ni sebab Nina malas sangat nak bukak ni. Lagi satu Nina pening betul dengan masalah2 yang Nina hadapi ni. Bukan je dari segi study, tapi dari hati pun ade jugak. Sebab tu kebetulan Nina ada bace 1 buku motivasi ni. Nina nak share sikit dari sebahagiannya yang Nina rase memang patut orang tau.

Ni dia.... jeng2... 

Mengingat-ingat masa lalu dan bersedih hati kerananya adalah satu tindakan yang bodoh dan gila. Lebih dari itu, ia boleh mematikan kehendak dan membinasakan masa depan.
Bagi orang-orang yang waras, fail masa lalu itu sepatutnya dilipat dan disimpan, bukan dibuka dan dipersoalkan. Ia perlu ditutup buat selama-lamanya dan dikurung di dalam penjara kelupaan, diikat dengan gari di dalam kurungan yang kuat hingga ia tidak dapat keluar. Ianya perlu diperap sedemikian rupa supaya ia tidak terkena cahaya, sebab ia adalah sesuatu yang sudah berlalu dan sudah selesai. Maka ia tidak mungkin kembali dengan apa juga kesedihan, tidak dapat diubah dan diperbaiki dengan apa juga kedukaan, tidak dapat dihadirkan semula dengan apa juga kegelisahan, dan tidak akan dapat dihidupkan semula dengan apa juga kebingungan - ia adalah sesuatu yang sudah tiada.
Jangan biarkan hidupmu dihantui masa lalu, jangan biarkan dirimu sentiasa dibayang-bayangi oleh sesuatu yang sudah berlalu. Lepaskanlah dirimu dari pengaruh dan bayangan masa lampau. Adakah anda mahu mengembalikan sungai kepada sumber mata airnya, memulangkan matahari kepada tempat terbitnya, mengembalikan kanak-kanak ke dalam rahim ibunya, air susu ke puting susu haiwan, dan airmata kepada mata? Sesungguhnya maretapi masa lalu dan menangisinya akan membuatmu terbakar dengan apinya. Kembali ke pangkuan masa lalu sama sahaja dengan meletakkan  anda dalam kemelut dan tragedi yang sangat dasyat dan menakutkan.
Hidup sambil mengungkit-ungkit masa lalu bermakna menyia-nyiakan masa sekarang, mengoyak-ngoyak perjuangan, dan memporak-perandakan masa kini. Allah s.w.t sudah menceritakan tentang umat-umat yang lampau dan apa yang sudah mereka lakukan."ang demikian itu adalah satu umat yang sudah berlalu." Segala sesuatunya sudah selesai bagi mereka. idak ada gunanya lagi menghurai dan memanjangkan cerita perjalanan masa kerana ia sama sahaja dengan memutar semula perjalanan sejarah.

Okay, bagi sape yang dah pernah baca buku "Jangan Bersedih" mungkin anda perasan. Tapi Nina nak kongsi salah 1 nye bahagian sebab, ramai kawan2 Nina yang ada masalah dan masih dihantui dengan masa lalu (walopun dah bace buku ni tapi masih jugak bersedih) dan juga Nina yang masih dan sering dalanda kemurungan sebab tu Nina nak kongsi serba-sedikit ape yang Nina dah baca. harap dengan ini Nina dapat membantu semua reader Nina yang sekarang dilanda kesedihan...
Salam ramadhan semua.... (^.^ )/

Kembalikan kebahagiaan ku...

Aug 6, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my readers...
hehee... how was it? look nice or not? Nina stay up late last night just to finish the header, then this morning, Nina wake up early just to make the background. Please tell Nina that it's beautiful... (>-<')
Okay, today Nina going to tell the history of Nina's blog. his is the blog.
When Nina started to create blog is when Caramel ask and force Nina to create blog. At first Nina doesn't know what is "blog". Then when Nina try to blogwalking and read many people blog, at that time Nina know what should Nina write in this. But later on, Nina barely open or write any. Since no one is reading Nina's blog. Oh, forgot to mention. Before this blog was name as "Animob Stella" I don't know why I like Animob and use it as this blog name. Below is the first header of Animob Stella.

 Why Max you ask? Hehee... it's because that time Nina doesn't know what to put as a header.

 Later on, Nina's entering a photoshop class and started to try and create Nina's own wallpaper and Header. This is the header that Nina made that time.
Afterward, Nina started to know about this one and cute anime. Kamichama Karin.

Aren't they cute? At that time Nina is obsess with this anime and planning to make it as this blog theme...

 This header is made with the same background. And the theme is Alice in Wonderland. But still using the same anime.
Later, Nina is obsess with another anime. That is... "My Melody"
Nina love My Melody and Kamichama Karin. So, in conclusion. Nina change the name of the the blog to "Animob Melody"

This is the header, and the background is the same as the header. Many readers like this theme. since it's pinky and soft.
Then Nina change the theme since caramel's theme and blog name is matching. Honeymilkcaramel, and the theme is great. So Nina change name again and theme, but a simple one. This time there's no picture header. Just a typo. The name is "Sweetsourcherryanimob" of course, Nina plan to remove "Animob" but that word is already been with Nina since this blog is started. So, Nina can't remove"Animob"

This time Nina use "Kobato" as the theme since Nina like this anime now. Also if you guys notice, every post Nina must put "Chibi Kobato" as welcoming you guys to Nina's blog.

And now, this the new header of Sweet Sour Cherry Animob [dot] blogspot [dot] com

My New Blog Design!!

Jun 16, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Tag :, Tag :

Salam sayang to my readers…
How are you today?

Nina? Still like usual… feeling pain in the heart.
Doesn't matter if it deep or not, but what's important now is the title for tonight entry.
Tonight entry sounds like a lonely one isn't it? Yes it is. Nina feel lonely right now. Nina feel like, as if people started to hate Nina. From the way they treat Nina today. Also, the way they publish dinner's picture. Nina feel like they don't like Nina from the start. Now, Nina started to hate herself. The one who write this blog, also the way she is writing this blog. It's the real Nina. The real personality Nina have. Nina can be shy and also Nina can be look like Nina does not care for the new person that Nina has meet. It's because Nina does not know what to talk about! Nina prefer not to add the numbers of people know in this college. Since if Nina meet them, Nina must making a fake smile in front of them. Nina's fake smile is not because Nina hate them… it's because Nina become more and more tired lately. Nina don't want to hurt their feeling. All Nina want is to go to the world where Nina can be happy, or the world where Nina can control it by her self. Nina got many male friend is not because Nina is a playgirl. It's because Nina want to be friend with them. Is it wrong? If this is the world where Nina have to accept, then it is better if Nina being all alone from the start. Having no friends to hurt to. Able to stand and do everything by herself, only trusting Nina's parent only. Or if it's better if Nina is in Nina's parent hometown. There, Nina does not need to worry about friend and anything. Since family is like a friend, they are always there for Nina. Nina want to be alone if all of Nina's friend hate Nina. Nina want to be able to stand on her feet by her self. Not to depend on other's except mama, father and Allah s.w.t. Mama was right, don't trust on other too much. Because one day, we'll be hurting our self soon or later for not being able to gain their trust. If the world is hating Nina, then at that time. Nina want to be prepared of it.

Is There Another World?

Jun 11, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my dear readers……
How are you today? Okay?

Lately Nina feel pain in the chest. Why? This is where Nina is going to tell you about it.
First, Nina was told that there is rumors say that Nina got Scandal?!! What? From class D? Seriously?  Nina never think of him as Nina's scandal at all!! He and Nina become close was because he always come to Nina when he need a console. He always got trouble with his ex! So Nina help him, and we end up being friend who keep solving each other problem. That's all! There is nothing between us. (sigh) Before this rumors go to ears of the one that Nina like, it's better if Nina tell the truth first. It's not covering up. But this is the truth. You want another news? This is what Nina going to reveal. Yes! He does has feeling towards Nina before he tells Nina since Nina is close with his sister. So she tells everything to Nina, but before he confess to Nina. Nina told him that we should stop messaging all the time. Seriously, I waste too many money on messaging with him. So now, we back to being a problem solving friends. Will that satisfied you?

Two, Nina's heart is in pain? Yes that is true, since Nina is suffering from heart sickness. It's not in medical situation. It's more to feeling situation. Nina keep on holding what Nina feel pain lately, is Nina feel it's too much of a burden. Nina only told that "Nina is having a little problem, but Nina does not know what is troubling Nina's heart", to Nina's friend. Nina don't want to write it here, since that person might know who it is when Nina write it here. Nina feel that Nina want to cry right now. Actually, Nina got plenty of problem. Not only with friends, but also with study and there's one more. Nina can't say about it, if Nina say it. Nina will get yell at. Nina want to keep it in this heart. Not only that, people keep on telling to Nina about their problem. It suddenly became Nina's burden too. What can Nina do? Now there's even going to be a rumors about Nina having a scandal too. All Nina want is not to loose the friend that Nina think that they are so precious. Nina really glad having them as Nina's friends. Just don't abandon Nina. If Nina abandon Nina's friends that's mean, Nina's parent are not glad about having them as Nina's friends. Nina Choose parent first, since Nina love them so much even if they don't understand a little about what Nina want. Nina is still their only daughter. Nina is their hopes, since Nina's sister is no longer studying and always causing trouble to the family. Nina want to make their dream comes true.

Nina Loves:
1 is Mama
2 is Father
3 is Nina's no. 1 precious friend
4 is Nina's no. 2 precious friend
5 is Nina's no. 3 precious friend
6 is Nina's school mate Nadia
7 is Nina's school mate Fatimah
8 is Nina's school mate Najihah
9 is Nina's childhood friend Caramel
10 is Nina's big family
11 is Nina's classmate from college
12 is Nina's classmate from High school.

Nina wish that Nina don't want to loose them, if Nina do loose them. Nina will cry and feeling empty inside Nina. That is why, they are too precious to Nina. Please don't leave Nina...

What is The Meaning of Scandal and Friend?

Jun 9, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my readers,
korang semua mesti pelik kan kenape entry Nina tuk kali ni dalam perasaan marah?
Good question...
Nak tau? 
Macam nie ceritenye.
Pada hari jumaat yang indah Nina dan Kak Ina (Kakak Bilik) Sedang keluar ke JPM dan BPM. Sebab ape? Sebab nak uruskan Kokurikulum Nina dan Kak Ina punye la. Dari pagi sampai la ke petang Nina berjalan je...! Memang banyak berjalan la semalam. Then, lepas maghrib Nina dan Kak Ina bersiap-siap nak pergi rumah Kak Farah. Sape pelajar KUIS tak kenal Kak Farah? Kak Farah adalah pengerusi untuk PMFSTM. Kak Farah juga bekas penghuni P10-604-B-B1. Hahaha... detail giler! In conclusion Nina kenal Kak Farah sebab 1 Fakulti and apartment dengan Nina. Okey2... sambung balik cerita.
Nina dan Kak Ina pergi rumah Kak Farah sebab Kakak Kak Farah nak kahwin... bukan "nak" dah, memang "dah" kahwin. Sebab semalam Nina datang Kak Ayu dah Akad Nikah... hehehe... romantik gile. tema pun memang grand la!! Seriusly Nina nak nangis tengok Kak Ayu, sebab sambil2 tu Nina tengah bayangkan kalo Nina yang kahwin. Mesti sedih mak and ayah Nina, terpaksa lepaskan Nina ke tangan lelaki lain.
Peha Nina kene pukul dengan Kak Ina, sebab menggedik berangan nak kawin. Hahaha... okey... pukul 10 malam gerak balik KUIS. Yelah! Gate tutup pukul 11. kene la balik. Sebelum balik tu singgah dulu kat kedai vista. Sebab dahaga... tak sempat minum dekat rumah Kak Farah. Dah sampai apartment dah, minum milo ais. lega je... penat sangat2. Time nak tido tu... ada announcement. Suruh keluar apartment, cakap ada laki menyamar sebagai perempuan masuk BOT Siswi!!! WHAT?!!!! Lepas tu ada pulak siswi2 dok mengejar, lepas tu ade pulak siswa yang nak masuk kawasan siswi. Ingat nak kejar penceroboh tu la. mengejar ape? Penceroboh tu ke? tapi tak macam penceroboh tu pon. Last2 semua siswi kene berkumpul kat tempat parking yang dekat tengah tu. Nina dengan kak Ina dah la ngantok and campur pening! KURANG AJAR LA PENCEROBOH TU!!! Lepas tu Kak Fesi cakap yang penceroboh tu kat P10 aras 6. Area apartment Nina!!! Kak Ina kene panggil bagi membantu Ustz. Imran. Dah lame2 tu... pukul 1:30 baru Nina dapat balik bilik. Ngantok, kawan Nina mesej siswa, dia join tolong tangkap penceroboh tu. cakap yang penceroboh tu kat 1st Cafe. kesian dia, tak tido malam sebab nak menangkap penceroboh tu. Nina semalam tido dekat dalam bilik Kak Ina. Pukul 2 baru dapat lelap. lepas tu pagi tadi bising2 suara lelaki kat area perempuan. Nina pun bangun la. Rupanya tak dapat ditangkap lagi. Kak Ina pulak keluar pergi date dengan tunang dia. Tinggal Nina seorang dekat apartment ni. Sebabkan nak berjaga-jaga, Nina letak sofa dekat belakang pintu utama. Kunci semua bilik termasuk bilik Nina. Nina pelak dekat bilik Kak Ina sekarang ni. Sambil on9 Facebook dan mengupdate blog... tu la cerita nya kenapa Nina punya entry macam itu... ngantok lagi ni. tapi baru je tadi ade bunyi bising kat depan rumah Nina. Risau betul la.

Penat! Happy... BENGANG!!!?

Jun 4, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam Sayang to my readers... Hello... it's been so long since Nina didn't post any new entry... hehe.
Oh ya... Nina got announcement to make:
For those who follow Deep Forest blog, the previous url are
but now change to
you got that?

Oh yeah, the reason why Nina making this entry this time is to tell you guys that Nina got assignment!!! And that assignment is "Making Your Own Cartoon" Yay!!! Finally Nina able to learn how to make Cartoon...
The Lecturer said that you should make your proposal first then you can develop it... and Just now Nina finish printing Nina's proposal.
Nina is making a very simple cartoon, my drawing would be like "Fido Dido". You know him right? He is 7UP idol. I just trying to make a cartoon that looks almost like him. Since my target audience is 12 years old and below.
Also, Nina got news that Nina's father will buy a Drawing Tablet for me... The one on Nina's list if Nina want to be a good animator. Nina won't ask for the big one. Nina only ask the ordinary one. It's for Nina's future too.
There's more, Nina has deleted the 2 blogs that Nina created in the past. Since lately Nina only paying attention to this one and only blog. So, if Nina want to publish her creation, she will publish it here. Hehe... That's all for today guys... thanks for reading... leave a good comment please...

My First Animation!!!

May 29, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my readers...
Tonight Nina will post something simple, adorable, rock, cool, and awesome stuff... hehe... actually it's just music video that I want to hear it over and over again...
You guys wanna know what it is? It's something that Emily Osment re-sing the song from it's original movie... How did I know it? we'll I accidentally hear the old song and hear the new song as well... so I became more interested in the song even more...
Okay2... The movie is called Sleeping Beauty, a creation from Walt Disney Princesses...
It's not like I crazy about Sleeping Beauty... NO!! I loved Disney Princesses way before I knew Anime... but it just these days I watch Disney Princesses and Disney Fairies... Yes! I crazy about Fairies... though I don't if they do really exist... because Allah s.w.t's creation is plenty and uncountable... who know they really do exist right? It just that I don't know if what people describe them is true... Okay back to Sleeping Beauty. I didn't like sleeping beauty that much because the Prince looks just like Superman... and I don't really like it. I don't know why... but it just seem that it didn't pleased me.

Okay, Emily Osment re-sing the song that called Once Upon a Dream...
I just really like this version... also I like Emily since she is sooo cute... especially when she act at Hannah Montana. I never knew that she has a very beautiful voice... also, I really like the lyric. The meaning is also... arghh!!!! I really love it!!!

Please do enjoy this video and also I prepared the lyric as well, just enjoy... okay?

I know You
I walk with You once upon a dream
I know You
The gleam in ur eyes is so familiar a gleam
I know it's true
That vision are seldom all they seem
But if I know You
I know what You'll do
You'll love me at once
The way You did once upon a dream~

Once upon a time
I dreamed we'd be together
In love forever~
Once upon a night
I was wishing for a never~
A never ending

Once uopn a time
Once upon a night
Once upon a wish
Once upon a dream~

I know You
I danced with You once upon a night
There we were
Wishing this dance would last forever all time
I hope it's true
This visions is more than what it seems
Cause if dreams come true
I know what we'll do
We'll dance once again
The way we did then upon a dream~

Once upon a time
I dreamed we'd be together
in love forever~
Once upon a night
I was wishing for a never~
A never ending

Once uopn a time
Once upon a night
Once upon a wish
Once upon a dream~

Yeah yeah yeah

Once upon a night
I was wishing for a never~
A never ending

Once upon a time
Once upon a night
Once upon a wish
Once upon a looooove~

Once upon a dream~
Once upon a dream~
Once upon a dream~

Once Upon a Dream

May 8, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
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Lately, my feeling is not stable
why? I don't know myself
sometimes before meeting him I feel soo flowery
but after meeting him I feel depress and something is missing...
but from times to times I feel really happy from seeing how happy he is...
Why did I suddenly have this feeling?!!!
I thought I got rid of this feeling.
Why do I have this complex feeling whenever I meet him?
But I feel sad....
Because he is not the type of person who would talk of this kind of topic.
what should I do to cure this illness?
If only he know about this.
I don't know how to react!!!!
Maybe I become more scared and uncontrollable.
But I feel so depress when he didn't know about this...
What is this thing?!!!
Can I get rid of it till I graduate?
I want to make my parent happy first...
then I want to make myself happy then...
Every time, when I saw him.
I will do anything to make myself standout
but when I return to my room I will felt embarrass when I remember the thing that I've done.
Can someone help me?

Absolute Feeling

Apr 16, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang my readers...
How are guys been doing these past few days? Kalo2 ade yang sakit sebab kan kene hujan dekat luar sane tu berhati-hati la erk... Nina pun rase cam selesema je... (Memang bukan Nina tiap2 pagi bersin ke?) Hahahaha... Jage kesihatan korang semua erk... kalau diri sndiri tak nak jage badan sape lagi yang nak jage... betul tak?
Okay, back to the title

Hari ni tak ade perkara yang melucukan dan seronok bagi Nina, sebab lepas balik dari kelas... macam biasa la, naik atas Nina akan cari makanan ape yang perut Nina nak! Lepas kenyang beli lagi aiskwim, tapi dalam perjalanan nak balik KUIS memang penat yang teramat and lagi satu... panas yang teramat. Tapi mak Nina pesan, kalau panas ke hujan ke cakap "Alhamdulillah" sebab tu rahmat dari Allah s.w.t kalau tak de cuaca macam mane manusia nak hidup. Betul tak? (Tapi Nina tetap jugak merungut) hehehe...
Dah sampai dekat bilik, Nina buat perkara yang patut... lepas tu Nina bukak laptop ni... Nina tak online tapi Nina bace komik... nak tau tajuk die ape?
"Aishiteruze Baby"
yang bermaksud
"Love Ya Baby"
Betul... macam tajuk entry Nina tuk kali ini.

Kippei dan Yuzuyu

 Comel tak dorang ni? (^-^)

okay, cerita dia memang best gile... Nina sampai nak menangis tengok ending dia...
Kisah seorang Playboy yang bernama Kippei yang sedang mencari awek yang memang sesuai untuk diri dia. Memang popular la die ni! Tapi kehidupan dia berubah serta merta bila sepupu dia ni datang dalam hidup dia, name dia Yuzuyu dia duduk dekat rumah Kippei pun sebab ayah die dah minggal dunia and mak dia pulak membawa diri sebabkan stress yang melanda dekat die. Ye la kan? lepas orang tersayang die dah tinggalkan die untuk selame2nye. First2 dia memang tak pandai nak jage Yuzuyu, orang ingat dia ni ade anak luar nikah!! heheh biasa la mulut masyarakat... Kippei mula belajar macam mane nak jage budak2 ni... dia belajar masak semata2 nak buatkan bekal makanan dekat Yuzuyu.Yuzuyu ni pulak jenis yang terima je ape yang orang bagi kat dia (Pandai menghargai pemberian orang). Kippei yang seorang yang malas dan suke main2 dengan perasaan orang, terus bertukar menjadi seorang yang rajin dan bertanggung jawab.

Dalam jalan cerite, ade banyak lagi watak2 yang mendatang...

Kokoro, awek Kippei
Dia start kapel ngan Kippei bila dia dapat tau perangai penyayang Kippei dekat Yuzuyu, lagipun Kokoro memang dah suka lama dekat Kippei cume dia jual mahal. Kippei pun sebenarnya suka dekat Kokoro gak... hehehe... tapi dia dapat tahu yang Yuzuyu suka dekat Kippei, jadi dia pun mengalah... lama2 Yuzuyu pun mule suka dekat Kokoro... ada scene tu yang kalau Kippei, Kokoro dengan Yuzuyu keluar, orang tengok macam keluarga bahagia.

Yuzuyu dengan Shouta

Shouta ni schoolmate Yuzuyu, dia ni sayang gila2 dekat mak dia. Walaupun mak dia dera dia, dia tetap sayang dekat mak dia. Ade lebam2 dekat badan dia pun dia cakap yang tu bekas dari jatuh. Tapi, terima kasih dekat Kippei yang sedarkan mak Shouta and dorang sekeluarga pindah dekat kawasan perkampungan. Last2 nanti Yuzuyu pun pindah dekat dengan rumah Shouta. Hehehe... ade lagi satu, Shouta ni bakal kekasih Yuzuyu... (^///^)

Shouta dan Ibunya

Satsuki ni adik kepade Kippei, dia ni tak suka budak2. Sebab tu tugas penjagaan Yuzuyu diberikan kepada Kippei. Dia ni boleh dikatakan pandai, dan macho... cikgu2 tadika Yuzuyu cakap "akan ada Kippei yang ke-2 tak lame lagi" Satsuki dekat sekolah dia pun popular gak. Ade model (Ayumu) sebagai classmate dia pun minat dekat Satsuki. Tapi kesian Ayumu, dia kene buli dengan kawan2 dia sebab kan dia bagi yang dia minat Satsuki. Tapi nasib dia baik, akhirnya dia dapat jadi awek Satsuki. Itupun atas bantuan Yuzuyu.


Sebenarnye banyak lagi... yang Nina nak cerita tapi mood untuk bercerita dah hilang...
Okay pendek cerita, korang bacela sendiri komik die... tak bace tak syok... you must feel it.

Okay... itu sahaja dari Nina...

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Fuman-na kanji

Love Ya Baby

Apr 15, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
Tag :

You who bare my pain on your shoulder,
You, who fought everything for me,
You, who always smile for me,
You, who kindly accepting my sins,
You, who make my day brighter even I hurt and lie to you all the time.

Even though I always make you angry,
Even though I always hate you,
Even though I hurt you countless time,
You accept me for who I am.

You never throw me away,
Never make me starve,
Never make me look stupid,
Always, always teaching me everything that you know,
to me...

When I sick, you worry for me,
you treat me till I'm felling better.
You give me everything that I want,
you buy anything that I ask.

Your love towards me is bigger than everyone on Earth,
your act prove your pure love towards me.
Every day and night you pray for me,
every time I felt secure when you are there for me.

I miss you so much!!
Now I'm missing your love,
Even if we are far apart,
You kept on praying for me.

I really, really miss you!!
When will we be able to met again?
Hug me with that warmth body,
Give me a warmth smile.

who are cannot be replace by any other people,
Mother, Father,
I really, really miss you!!!
I really, really love you!!!

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不足していること Fusoku shite iru koto

I Miss "You"

Apr 13, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my readers!!

Kali ni Nina nak bercerita pasal jalan tar yang baru dibuat dekat depan KUIS ni...
Watak2 yang ade dalam cerita kali ini adalah...
1. Me a.k.a Nina
2. Jasmin a.k.a J-chan
3. Hidayah a.k.a D-chan
4. Syakira a.k.a K-chan
5. Fira a.k.a F-chan
6. Shira a.k.a S-chan
7. Aina a.k.a A-chan

okay... as the story go...

After class Computer Network, we all went to Vista. Jap.... asal tetibe Nina cakap B.I ni? Maklum la... lepas bace blog K-chan yang terbaru... dia gune B.I pulak tu... so secara "auto" nye Nina pun tergune B.I. okay2 sambung balik. Lepas dari kelas Computer Network, kami ber-7 pun pergi ke kedai makan yang dekat atas tu.... jap sebelum tu... Nina cocok duit dulu... "RM50" dah... sewaktu berjalan... sampai la kami di persimpangan 3 dekat situ... eh eh? Kiri ade kenderaan besar, kanan ade lori tar, bahaya ni! Dengan berhati-hati kami ber-7 melintas jalan.

Jom cari kedai makan...
K-chan yang cari  kedai... Nina order Nasi Ayam Penyet dengan Jus Epal... Nina dengan K-chan punye  yang sampai lambat. ape boleh buat... yang lain dah habis makan tinggal Nina seorang je yang tak habis2 lagi. (Nina makan memang lambat) Masa Nina makan... ade pulak anak kucing comel tengah gigit baju F-chan ni... Nina pun layan je la... sebab COMEL YANG TERAMAT!!! sambung balik makan... lepas tu ade jari jemari comel menyentuh Nina.... tengok2 mak kucing!! buat muke... "Nak sikit boleh?"
bagi la sikit2... sambil2 tu mak kucing ni tolong Nina habiskan makanan yang ade dekat pinggan tu... dah kenyang dah. S-chan cakap dia nampak kedai jual baju comel2. Bile pergi sana A-chan nak belikan baju untuk E-chan... comel baju yang dia pilih tu. Tapi sayang nye tak jadi sebab dia tak ade duit....
Lepas tu kitorang pun singgah kedai aiskwim dengan kek... A-chan dengan D-chan beli kek... yang lain semua beli aiskwim... termasuk la Nina... sedap... nasib baek beli... kalo tak memang rugi...! sewaktu keluar dari kedai kek tu nampak la anak kucing lagi seekor ni... K-chan bukak pintu kedai tu luas2... and pintu tu cermin... sewaktu kiteorang mengusha kucing tu... kucing tu pun usha kitorang... tak pandang depan... kucing tu terhantuk dekat pintu cermin kedai tu.... kesiannye die.....
Dah habis makan aiskwim... Nina and yang lain teruskan perjalanan... (balik la, dah kenyang kan?) kerja untuk membaiki jalan tar habis2 lagi... perjalanan kitorang semakin sulit!! sewaktu nak melintas. Kami nampak jalan tar baru... ingatkan dah kering. rupe2nye basah lagi. Bile kami jalan ade la trademark kasut kitorang kat atas tu... ade abang India ni cakap....
"Kalo nak jalan pegi depan lagi... yang dekat sane dah kering"
Kitorang pun teruskan perjalanan.... kasut kitorang rosak sebab terkena minyak tar and batu2 tar yang melekat kat kasut kitorang... hish.... memang penat la tadi...

Nina pun dah penat bercerita...
Hope you guys enjoy reading it....!!! (^_^)/

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恥ずかしい Hazukashii

Sesi Merepek 2: Jalan Tar dan Kucing.

Apr 12, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang my readers...

Hari ni Nina nak bagi tau. 
Kebelakangan ni Nina selalu je kene buli dengan roommate Nina, asal Nina tengah calling dengan parent Nina, dorang mesti je cakap "Meow" Mesti pelik kan? sebab tu hari ni Nina nak bercerita tentang sejarah Nina, tajuk pun sesuai kan? (^_^)

Cerita dia bermula...

Pada suatu hari, sepasang suami isteri telah dianugerahkan cahaya mata yang diberi nama Nina...

Zuki: Nina... ni dah teralu kebelakang... cube kedepan sikit.
Nina: Oh... okay... sorry.

Back to the story...

Okay... selalunye orang jawa or Indonesia suara orang perempuan kecik2 kan? same la macam Nina. Kalo suara Nina dekat luar pun dah macam ni apetah lagi kalo dalam phone.
Sewaktu Nina tengah calling ngan J-chan... macam biasa Nina cakap "Hello". Bila J-chan balik bilik, dia pun cakap macam ni dekat Nina...

J-Chan: Nina, saye ingat yang calling dengan saye tadi kucing sebab first2 yang saye dengar kat dalam phone tadi bunyi "Meow".

Buat lawak la J-chan ni... dan selepas kajadian itu... setiap kali Nina jawab phone and sebut "Hello" akan bertukar ke "Meow".
Bukan tu je... Nina ni kuat tido waktu tengah hari... kucing kan suke tido tengah hari... makan tak sah kalo tak ada ikan or ayam or daging. Mesti kene ade... kalo nasi tak habis, ikan mesti habis. Nina memang suke kan kucing... kalo nampak kucing mule la Nina nak main dengan kucing tu... hehehe

Itu la sejarah nye... semoga korang terhibur...

Salam sayang my readers....
Hehe... dah lame kan Nina tak post entry? sebab tu follower Nina tak ramai...
Sekarang ni hari-hari Nina penuh dengan kebasahan... satu sebab hujan dekat luar ni, lagi satu Nina baru je mandi rambut pun basah lagi  ni... hehe... dengan tuala yang tersangkut kat atas kepala lagi ni.
Hari ni Nina nak merepek sikit... sebab dah tak tau nak post ape, jadi hari ni Nina nak merepek la... sambil makan kerepek.... (iye la tu... kerepek pun tak ade) hahaha....
Hari ni Nina sepatutnye ade Midterm Multimedia Design... semalam study bagai nak rak! tapi tak pun masuk-masuk kat dalam hardisk kepala Nina ni! Pagi dah tiba, ape lagi... bangun amek tuala and terus mandi... dah pakai bedak tebal-tebal, dengan di tambah make-up yang ringkas... okey2... dah pakai tudung nak keluar pintu ni...!! 

"tut-tut... tut-tut... sms~"

"Kelas DTMD pada hari ini dibatalkan,
Test ditunda ke hari esok.
Sila bagi tau yang lain."

Alaa.... asal tak bagi tau awal-awal!! orang dah bersiap dah ni... dah ready dah!! Habis sume benda yang Nina bace semalam dah hilang... Masuk balik bilik. Dah duduk dalam bilik, termenung memanjang tak tau nak buat ape. J-chan cakap...

"Jom pegi atas makan roti canai?"

Ape lagi... Nina pun "Jom" je la... perut pun dah berbunyi...
Sewaktu Nina tengah berjalan perut Nina jadi kecut and Nina nak termuntah sebab perut kosong yang teramat... tahan je la... nasib baik J-chan bagi Nina gule2 Pickin. sedaaap... sekurang-kurangnye hilang sikit perasaan nak muntah tu.
Pendekkan cerita dah sampai kedai mamak ni... ape lagi order. Roti canai telur 1!! dengan Jus Epal 1!! dah sampai... air liur dah mule banjir kat mulut ni... "Aduh!!" panas... cam mane ni? perut dah lapar nak makan panas... (-.-) Depan mate ade sudu ddengan garpu... gune la style orang barat makan. Alhamdulillah... dapat jugak nikmat makan roti canai...
Dah habis dah... roti canai tu pun sedap sebab cicah dengan kari ikan... 

"Bang! roti canai telur bungkus 1!!"

Dah siap! tapi... macam ade bende yang tertinggal je...? alaa.... kari ikan tak ade! bang saye nak kuah kari ikan boleh? "nah" banyak la jugak yang dia bagi tu. hehehe....
Akhirnya... Nina balik dengan gembira... balik bilik terus tidur... sebab kenyang sangat...hahaha... plan nak tidur setengah jam je... suruh ayah kejutkan Nina (call je)

start tidur
9.30 pagi
"Tut... tut... tut...."
"Hello? (Meow?)"
Ayah: "Dah bangun2 ayah dah bagi bonus setengah jam dah ni. Bangun pastu basuh muke tu..."
(Banus setengah jam?)

bangun tidur
10.30 pagi

Nina: "Ah... ye... ye... kay.... bye..."

sambung tidur balik
10.34 pagi
(dengar bunyi)
tengok la jam....

bangun tidur
12.25 tengah hari

lamenye Nina tido!!
Bangun terus basuh muke then sambung makan roti canai... hehehe sebab kan kebulur sangat...
J-chan join sekali. tapi dia gune roti gardenia cicah kuah kari ikan.

okay... itu sahaja dari Nina...

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Apr 11, 2011
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