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Salam sayang my readers...
Hari ni satu hari hujan kan? (Dekat KUIS je...) dari malam semalam saaaaampai la ke tengah hari tadi. Pagi-pagi nak mandi memang sejuk! (>o<) Tapi sebabkan ade kelas terpaksa lah mandi...
Okay2... ape yang Nina nak cakap dekat blog pada malam ini adalah... pasal 3 anak dara yang memang suke posing. Sampai kat hujan-hujan pun dia orang ni sanggup nak berposing!!! Nasib baik Nina ade bawak kamera Olympus Nina... hehehe (memang sentiasa bawak pown)
Ehem... yang posing bukan dia orang je.... tapi Nina pown ikut posing gak... hehehe.... (>,<)

Dan begitu la gamba-gamba yang Nina ambik... oh lupe... juru gambar ade 2 orang... satu yang pakai baju kuning. yang lagi satu... Nina la. Sape lagi... hahaha. okay... tu je la... Nina pun dah ngantok. esok ade kelas. Mood cuti tuk hari ni je... bye bye... (^-^)/

Ame Pose...

Mar 23, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my dear readers, tonight Nina's colour is Fire RED!!!
Why you ask?!
This is the reason....
We Muslim must respect those who is Praying, right? but why we girls who study at Selangor International Islamic University College didn't know that BASIC FACT?!! Whenever Nina is praying you gurls always keep talking about xxx and xxx that make people loose their focuses and end up in JOKE!!! since the way you gurls saying it with laughter and fun. We who are praying cannot focus at ALL!!
That's not all...
Last Night.... Z-Chan receive a Scary message, well of course we gurls scared right? Nina even ask Z-Kun and he said the story is "NOT BAD" since boys are hardly scared of ghost story. Well for your information, I HAVE A WEAK HEART ONCE I HEARD OR SEE a ghost story or even just a fake picture. Since Nina said NO, MEANS NO!!! got that?
So there will be no more joking on THIS type of jokes. enough okay? As for looking at a dark place I still can handle that. But to the level of ghost story, NINA HATE THAT!!!
PLEASE... no more this kind of jokes.
Nina do love staying in dorms that can sleep with you gurls, but please... not all jokes is a joke to all of us.

Mood: Fire Red
怒って Okotte

If I Say No, Then Its a NO!!!

Mar 21, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my readers, today I'm feeling a bit blue... this blue is a bit different than any other blue that I listed in my mood. Today blue is because, my whole family have to stay at Johor for 2 month. Also I was left at my campus alone with my friend. Many of think that "We study even further than our family isn't it normal to be sad? It's only 2 month" Well it's true, but... for Nina. Nina never part away from family more than 1 month. When Nina still a little Nina used to part with them, but Nina wish not to part with them once again...because Nina almost did not recognize Nina's own father!! So Nina don't want this kind of things to happen again.

Mood: Blue
      悲しい Kanashii

They Have Gone (-.- )

Mar 20, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

 Hello again my readers... ^-^ it's so long since the last post...
how have you been in these days? well, many things happen to me too.
Okey2 ... the reason why I started to write again is because of the Sweet Sour Talk... many of you write that you like my post ^///^ it gave me courage to post new things.... well, one of them is this.

Jang jang...!!!

My new back pack, Zuki-kun and Z-chan said that the design might be old but the pattern match the design and it looks cute. Also, I add my teddy bear as a promoter... haha (^o^) that bear is a gift from Hanabi-chan my best friend. When I sleep, I always hug and play with that Bearzil-kun so that I can sleep better. My Night partner...
Z-chan said that when I wear this bag I look like I'm still in high school. LOL. BearZ-kun you look cool... ^.^ with that killer posing (^.~)
That's all for my post today... hope you guys enjoy reading it...

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      ソフトの心とSofuto no kokoro to namida-me

My New Back Pack (^o^)/

Mar 19, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

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