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Salam sayang to my readers,
    Today Nina going to tell you guys about a happy things that just has happen to me. Well, maybe this is not that impressive for you all but for Nina, it's the most wonderful things that ever happen. Just like what the post title tell you. It's about my most happy dream, I don't know about it. But from all of my dream that I ever had, I think I feel much more happier than the one I like in the past. I feel calm and secure. I think you guys won't believe me when I said that I was smiling when I woke up. Seriously I did it, then I continue back to sleep but then I was disturb by my cousin who is asking if I had a stapler!? Man! You're ruining my dream! Maybe you kept on asking what is this dream that kept me so happy.
   I won't go for the detailed but I tell you this much. Inside the dream, there contain these characters. Nina, Z-kun, A-kun, Z-chan, I-san, J-chan, and L-san. We all stick together till we all reach adulthood (except for I-san) We all work under the same company and we had a happy time together, Z-chan and I-san are all lovey-dovey. J-chan still sticking on her 1 year younger BF, L-san... well... he still all alone but he didn't enter the screen that much. A-kun? well... he still kept on teasing me. Z-kun? well... um about that... I think it's kinda a bit weird but, I was chased by a bad mafia while on the way home. Then Z-kun come and help me fight that bad mafia. I think it's a little crazy, but that's what happen. Why I'm happy because of these things? It's because of an anime called Honey and Clover. They are a college student, even till their graduation and they work at different company they still meet at all the time. When I watch Honey and Clover I made a wish, I wish that someday I have these kind of life. I hope this post not wasting your precious time. That's all. Thank you for reading my so-all-boring post.

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、女の子らしい生き生きと幸せ On'nanokorashii ikiiki to shiawase

My Most Happy Dream

Nov 14, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry
note: This post suppose to be posted yesterday.

To my dear reader,
   Right now I just felt something that hurting real painfully in my chest. The feel is burning, hot, not moving, so packed and heavy. Why? What just happen to me!? This is the first time that things just happen like this. Why it just suddenly become like this you ask? I just don't know, it just happen on this evening. It happen when I doing my homework with my friends at the My 1st Cafe, then they kept on saying that I has a crush on Z-kun. So I just tell the truth out loud on them, about the person who I like was A-san in front of them. The person on that spot were Z-chan, I-san, and A-kun. After that, A-kun kept on asking me when did I start to know him and how do I know him and all. One by one the question kept on hurting my heart.
    At that time, all I could wish was "stop asking about him!". After he stop asking those question the feeling of my chest being heavy, burning, and hot has just started. I couldn't look at A-kun face neither to Z-chan and I-san. I don't know what just happen, even after that. My chest hurt even more, I just want to hurry and go back to my dorm.
    After that, I couldn't do my homework properly and even do anything else. The pain kept on tangling on me. Then I take Air Wudhuk and go praying. But it didn't solve anything, then I try to call my old friend who kept on listening my problem. I couldn't say about my problem but at least her voice and cheerfulness lift up a little of the pain. Then my roommate back, her happiness make me able to smile again. But after she left the memory come back again. All I wish that tomorrow I can smile back as usual.

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痛みや抑制 Itami ya yokusei

9 November 2010 Memory

Nov 10, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Namida no riguretto
Egao kara koboreta
Natsuiro no machi
Kagayaku kara
Sayonara no kawarini
Chiisaku unazuite
Bokutachi wa aruki hajimeru

Basu wo matsu tonari de
Yuugure sotto nami de mita
Warukunai ne koibito ni mieru kana

Mado garasu ni utsutta
Futatsu no kage chigireru youni
Bokutachi wa otona ni natte yuku

Akirame no warui shounen datte
Itazura ni hanasu yokogao ni
Me wo tojita kedo wakatteru tsumori

Namida wa kanashimi no
Soba ni aru dake janai
Ima konna ni mo itoshiku naru
Hajimari no sayonara
Ienakatta yakusoku
Bokutachi wa aruki hajimeru

"Denwa suru" tte itteta
Usotsuki ga te wo furutte iru
Osananajimi mitaina mono darotte

Sonna ni bui mama de
Tokai de kurashite yukeru no
Koraeteru hazunanoni

Namida no riguretto
Egao kara koboreta
Natsuiro no machi
Kagayaku kara
Sayonara no kawarini
Chiisaku unazuite
Bokutachi wa aruki hajimeru

Hontou wa tsuyogari no jibun ga
Kirai ni naru souna hibi yo
Yukkurito furikaeru
Kimi no koe ga kikoeta

Kanau ka wakaranai
Demo yuku shikanai daro
Sonna koto shitte iru kara

Namida ni kakureteru
Kotoba tachi ga kikoeru
Itsuka kanarazu kurushiku naru
Hontou ni sayonara?
Modorenai yakusoku wo
Bokutachi wa kakaete yukunoni

Natsuiro no mama kieta

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   Malam ni Nina nak berbual tentang sesuatu yang Nina pling suke buat, sebenarnye banyak jugak yang Nina suka kat dunia ni. Dan begitu juga cita2 Nina, Nina pling suke kalo Nina ade byk bakat. Tak semua bakat yg Nina senaraikan dekat bwh ni Nina miliki, disebabkan kekurangan dana dan tentangan dari ibubapa Nina (mengarutla bg dorg). Ok2... this is what I want to have.
-Cooking (including pastry)
-Playing intrument (anything that create classic sound)
-Decorating and planning (building)
-Repairing (this talent is a convenient talent)
-Creating Story
-Creating Animation
-Singing (so that I can lullaby my children)
-Gardening (include Ikebana)
-Communicate (very uncomfortable talking to a guy and 1st meeting)
-Dancing (anything that doesn't hurt myself in the future)
I guess that's it. I hope I'm able to learn all this in my life spend. Nina nak jadi mcm ayah Nina yg pandai dlm byk benda. Tu je... sbb benda2 ni sgt berguna utk diri kita dan org yg tersyg.

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           恥ずかし hazukasi

The Things That I like

Posted by Nina Cherry

Hai hai... today Nina want to talk about Fairy Tail. I always missed the chance to watch it, but Nina do love Anime like this kind of type. Actually Nina love any kind of anime even all of them. Hehe... (^_^')\
Okay back to the point, Fairy Tail is about a guild of a mage (magic user) many kind of mage gather here to upgrade and improve their magic power. There are also many other guild that like Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail is manage by Makarov the Master. Natsu a Dragonslave (fire user) meet Lucy a Celestial Spirit Mage, she has nine zodiac celestial spirit (gold key) and four common spirit (silver key), Gray the Ice mage and Erza called the Titania Erza are the most strong mage user in Fairy Tail (They always show these four mage so I only know that they are the strongest). Happy (a talking cat creature and has a pair of wing) is also one of them. He is Natsu companion, the five of them always join in to go on a quest. They meet many of kind villain and their past. Fairy Tail is popular for having a weird mages and keep on having trouble in town.
Nina's favorite characters following the rank are:
1. Lucy
2. Natsu & Gray (they in the same level)
3. Loke
4. Lyon
5. Virgo
6. Erza
7. Wendy
That's all. Nina like all their songs like one of them are in my blog click it to hear.

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           穏やかで、ソフト  Odayakade, Sofuto

Fairy Tail

Nov 6, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry
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Salam sayang to my blog readers and friends. This is the part 2 of the last post, well the topic are still the same anyway. After thinking all that long and till make my head go round and round. I decided not to confess, not to anyone, not to A-san either. I'll just focus on study and all. You may say that I'll still fall for someone and that what I say just a bluff. But seriously I MEAN it! I know it's hard to do that thing. All I want is just waiting for that person to come. So please keep on supporting me, support me that 'That' person do exist for me. I don't want to return like before where I became obsess and he ran away from me.

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           無表情と愛されていない Muhyoujou to aisa rete inai

Critical Thinking 2

Nov 5, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang for all of my readers and friends today Nina feel sooooo... well, I don't know how to express it myself. Tehe... Okay... okay... ehem. This morning till the class end nothing special happen to me. But this kinda-excitement came afterward. Well... to be frank, I kinda miss him soooo much!! I try thinking what happen if I confess? Then I decided just to message him at 1st, after thinking too much I plan to ask my BFF.
Caramel, I think I'm gonna confess to A-san
Emm... Yeah.
... you better wait.
Till his Final end?
What I mean is better wait a little longer.
(Heartbeat stop for a moment)
But surely his message just make my day so colorful...! Well that's enough for my confession in here. Seriously I really just realize that I like him, he is my ideal and mature type. It's true, if I disturb and confess now he might reject me. After all it's his critical time at the moment.

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         愛で Ai de

Critical Thinking

Nov 2, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

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