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There's word can't be spell in this world,

If you spell it out, your world wold be dark,

and you'll be all alone.

But if you kept quite all the time,

without using any kind of spell,

Your world would be dark also.

Everything around you, is not easy to be left just like that.

If you did something your destruction may fall upon you.

If you didn't do anything destruction will fall upon also.

Nothing is perfect, only god.

Nothing is satisfied enough, only god.

But when we want try our best,

obstacle will approach you.

The only choice is to fight,

though I'm not good at fighting.

But if you kept on trying,

Victory will accompany you.

I try to be fair.

But one of you still get hurt.

I don't know what to do,

until we all get hurt by this.

That is why, I don't want to get to close to other,

I don't want my little kitten to get sad.

So it's better, if we all act like a normal family.

We fight, we laugh, we cry, we smile all together.

If you want to be cared, you need to care them first.


My Beautiful Imperfect World

Aug 22, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry
 The feeling of being left out

Lately I have problems, but this problem was once ago happen to. It's about my half-sister. I have a feeling that it's like a Cinderella story. Ever since I entered KUIS she became different person. Every thing that belongs to me she take it all. Even my room, she has her own room but she use mine to sleep and do everything. My bed that my father gave it to her she didn't use it. Now my bed that was made by a small wardrobe (lay it become a bed) she use it. Now I can't sleep at my room, maybe you guys will say "why don't you just share that one bed" right? But this is different. she say it soft but I can hear it. "Annoying". Don't you feel that you are an outcast? I use my parents room to sleep, though they didn't know what is happening. I kept quit about this. I made my father sleep at the living room with my cousin. I felt guilty! I think like I'm not part in their family now. My mother rarely speak with me. They treat my half-sister more than me. Who am I now? Am I not part of this family? My father speak to my half-sister more and more, he speak with me when he need me (about computer thing) Why did it turn out like this? All those thing was mine once. Why did you take it all from me? I know you don't want to be left out... I can be friend with you but don't take anything from me. It's good enough you already take father away from me (his love) just don't take my mother away too. I try to be the best daughter for them but on the process you take them from me. Do you know how much this heart ache? I want to cry, but I don't know to refer to.

They Belong To Me!

Aug 15, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Arrgh...!!! Geramnye... Nina geram sangat2... sebab... Assignment yg ade dpan mata nina nie, Nina x tau nak buat macam mana...? Minggu ni plak kne antar.... wah....!! I hate such kind of assignment...
(sigh) Zuki: Nina... why can't you ask your friends?
Nina: Because I'll just copy from them! There's no originality and the mark will be little too...!!
Zuki: Why don't you just look at how do they make it? What are they trying to say and everything? isn't that your problem?
Nina: Oh yah... I never think about that...
Zuki: You see... you need a little conversation with me...
Nina: Thank you Zuki-kun. You are a truly friend. I love you...
Zuki: Your welcome...
So there you have it... my problem is saved... but wait! I need to print it today!! How I suppose to ask my friends?! Noooo......!!!!
Zuki: (sigh)...

Masalah ku...

Aug 8, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Tak tau la nak ckp ape... dah 2 malam nina sanggup membuta untuk download game yg satu nie... tp... ade je dugaan melanda hidup nie... Dah nak habis download dah... ok la kan? tp... kakak tertutup plug utk cas laptop nie... terpaksa bukak blik n re-download blik... ok tinggal tido jap... lme la gak laptop nie x tutup... risau gak kalo2 ade suis tau transistor yg terbakar sbb bkak lme sgt... tiba2... hang...di tgah jln... akak plak dok tanye, "adik, dah hbis download ke blum? akak nak gne tgok video ni.. (komputer rumah, gne WiFi la katakan)" nina jwablah... " kejap eh kak... nak install blik, sbb jd hang blik" uninstall blik n download blik... sabar je lah... sehari x usik laptop sbb tkut hang lg... tp tangan gtal gak nak men YM gak... men la... bkan jd hang pun... alhamdulillah...x hang... dah hbis download dah, tinggal finishing touch dye... nak melawakan game tu.... je... akak nak game RPG.... dye nak tgok game tu mcm mne? kalo klelakian sgt dye x suke... pastu bkak la show skejap... Alamak! hang la plak.... restart laptop blik...tgok dah hbis ke blum? Bukak laptop... alhamdulillah dah hbis dah... dye dah tulis Play Game... dgan sabar ku menunggu nak download, kakak ku dgan gembira menonton video di youtube tiba2... "your application unable to perform" aik? x kan x hbis download? dah2... dah terlalu lme aq mnunggu tp ni hsil dye... dlm hati merintih kesedihan... Ya Allah... nape la game faveret aq x leh nak men ni...? adakah Kau menghalang supya aq tidak lalai seperti dlu...? (sigh) Trus aq gi uninstall sume yg menyemak kat dlm laptop aq... dah la... cuti sem nnt bru aq download ko btul2. dan main ko sePUAS-PUAS hati aq... bersabar adalah salah satu ibadah dan juga sebahagian dari iman kita... ni pun ngantok sbb dah berjaga semata2 nak tggu hbis download punye game... huh... RPG punye psal nina snggp jd x shat mcm nie... dah lah tekanan darah rendah... tisur pun x ckup, silap hari bulan terlentang kat katil serba putih (hospital). Ni je lah yg nina nak sampaikan isi hati nina yg SANGAT2 kecewa... kusudahi dngan wasalam...

It's been so long since we haven't meet each other. We could even talk but we can feel the thing that what we want to say, you knew that I like you and I knew that you hate me. I still remember it, the time when you hate me that much. It so painful but what ever it is, I still like you. Do you remember that? I was a burden to you, but when I look at you one more time at this moment. That felling came again just like before, but. We couldn't meet face to face like before. Right now, I have no one inside my heart. The feeling that I have once with you, is not here at the moment. Only you who can make me feel this way. I hope Allah can let us meet again one day. This is the feeling I have when you are not around, it's like a really big hole inside this small red heart. I look fine outside this world (blog) but deep down inside my heart I was crying out loud on gaining your love. I dreamed, of meeting you. That only bitter memory you gave me, It's a really sweet memory to me now. I don't know. Ever since I know you I have this really deep feeling, even it's already this long but only you can make me this hard on others. I still haven't the person who can make the same feeling like you did to me. No one, even that person is a greater and for more nicer than you. Ya Allah, let me meet you once more to clear this situation. How I admire you, though no one like you. But I don't know why, you are the one that able to make my day so colorful. With writing this blog, I am crying inside. Crying isn't the way to gain your love, but praying to Allah is the only way for me to be able to get close to you.

The Lost Heart...

Aug 7, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

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