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Whenever I listen to your voice I'll close my eyes and open my heart,
Whenever I see you I'll quickly keep it safely inside my heart,
Whenever I'm seeking for your love I'll play your video,
Your presence makes my world shake,
Your presence makes my blue day brighter,
Your picture I quietly kept in my treasure box.

This heart once shaking of someone love,
This heart once shatter of someone heart,
This heart also healed by your beautiful chirping voice,
Once my heart is healed I don't wish for it to be shatter again.
Your everyday smile always charging my energy all the time.

We always fight, but you kept on supporting me,
Your shouting is the reason I keep on giving my best shot,
My world is not a beautiful life compare to yours,
Being near you may be the best thing in my life,
Thou we are far away,
I'll always be by your side,
I regret for not noticing you before.

I'm heart sick because of your face, voice, and smile.
Please heal me by being near me,
I can be crazy when I'm with you, but that's the best moment of my life,
That's why I can't let you go just like that.
Do understand how much you are that beautiful to me.

I'm Heart Sick, Heal Me, Be Crazy, Can't Let You Go

Dec 12, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my dear readers....
Haha... it's been a very.... long time I didn't post anything. Well, the reason is because I went to my parent's village (Indonesia) since it's near the ocean and a "Village" It's hard to get line internet. (TT-TT). I was planning to write down everything what was happening to me when I was there, but the next day I was REALLY, SERIOUSLY tired. Then I have ton's of thing that I must catch up with my friend (study) but there's a lot of work that they receive when I was gone. Man....!!! How many time they want to torture me? Not just that, lately I always got bad luck. My beautiful luck has gone, no! maybe I forgot to bring it back from Indonesia. hahaha joking. Seriously I'm Damn tired.
But there's one person who always there when I need someone, though I don't really like him at first. ;p We always fight. Whenever we meet we always fight, but he is always there when I need him. hehehe.... Urm... but I'm going to write down everything (only that I remember) in my blog.

Mood: Yellow Corn
ちょうど朝の風から目を覚ます Choudo asa no kaze kara me o samasu

Long Time No See

Dec 9, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

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