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Salam sayang to my readers...
hehee... how was it? look nice or not? Nina stay up late last night just to finish the header, then this morning, Nina wake up early just to make the background. Please tell Nina that it's beautiful... (>-<')
Okay, today Nina going to tell the history of Nina's blog. his is the blog.
When Nina started to create blog is when Caramel ask and force Nina to create blog. At first Nina doesn't know what is "blog". Then when Nina try to blogwalking and read many people blog, at that time Nina know what should Nina write in this. But later on, Nina barely open or write any. Since no one is reading Nina's blog. Oh, forgot to mention. Before this blog was name as "Animob Stella" I don't know why I like Animob and use it as this blog name. Below is the first header of Animob Stella.

 Why Max you ask? Hehee... it's because that time Nina doesn't know what to put as a header.

 Later on, Nina's entering a photoshop class and started to try and create Nina's own wallpaper and Header. This is the header that Nina made that time.
Afterward, Nina started to know about this one and cute anime. Kamichama Karin.

Aren't they cute? At that time Nina is obsess with this anime and planning to make it as this blog theme...

 This header is made with the same background. And the theme is Alice in Wonderland. But still using the same anime.
Later, Nina is obsess with another anime. That is... "My Melody"
Nina love My Melody and Kamichama Karin. So, in conclusion. Nina change the name of the the blog to "Animob Melody"

This is the header, and the background is the same as the header. Many readers like this theme. since it's pinky and soft.
Then Nina change the theme since caramel's theme and blog name is matching. Honeymilkcaramel, and the theme is great. So Nina change name again and theme, but a simple one. This time there's no picture header. Just a typo. The name is "Sweetsourcherryanimob" of course, Nina plan to remove "Animob" but that word is already been with Nina since this blog is started. So, Nina can't remove"Animob"

This time Nina use "Kobato" as the theme since Nina like this anime now. Also if you guys notice, every post Nina must put "Chibi Kobato" as welcoming you guys to Nina's blog.

And now, this the new header of Sweet Sour Cherry Animob [dot] blogspot [dot] com

My New Blog Design!!

Jun 16, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry
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Salam sayang to my readers…
How are you today?

Nina? Still like usual… feeling pain in the heart.
Doesn't matter if it deep or not, but what's important now is the title for tonight entry.
Tonight entry sounds like a lonely one isn't it? Yes it is. Nina feel lonely right now. Nina feel like, as if people started to hate Nina. From the way they treat Nina today. Also, the way they publish dinner's picture. Nina feel like they don't like Nina from the start. Now, Nina started to hate herself. The one who write this blog, also the way she is writing this blog. It's the real Nina. The real personality Nina have. Nina can be shy and also Nina can be look like Nina does not care for the new person that Nina has meet. It's because Nina does not know what to talk about! Nina prefer not to add the numbers of people know in this college. Since if Nina meet them, Nina must making a fake smile in front of them. Nina's fake smile is not because Nina hate them… it's because Nina become more and more tired lately. Nina don't want to hurt their feeling. All Nina want is to go to the world where Nina can be happy, or the world where Nina can control it by her self. Nina got many male friend is not because Nina is a playgirl. It's because Nina want to be friend with them. Is it wrong? If this is the world where Nina have to accept, then it is better if Nina being all alone from the start. Having no friends to hurt to. Able to stand and do everything by herself, only trusting Nina's parent only. Or if it's better if Nina is in Nina's parent hometown. There, Nina does not need to worry about friend and anything. Since family is like a friend, they are always there for Nina. Nina want to be alone if all of Nina's friend hate Nina. Nina want to be able to stand on her feet by her self. Not to depend on other's except mama, father and Allah s.w.t. Mama was right, don't trust on other too much. Because one day, we'll be hurting our self soon or later for not being able to gain their trust. If the world is hating Nina, then at that time. Nina want to be prepared of it.

Is There Another World?

Jun 11, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my dear readers……
How are you today? Okay?

Lately Nina feel pain in the chest. Why? This is where Nina is going to tell you about it.
First, Nina was told that there is rumors say that Nina got Scandal?!! What? From class D? Seriously?  Nina never think of him as Nina's scandal at all!! He and Nina become close was because he always come to Nina when he need a console. He always got trouble with his ex! So Nina help him, and we end up being friend who keep solving each other problem. That's all! There is nothing between us. (sigh) Before this rumors go to ears of the one that Nina like, it's better if Nina tell the truth first. It's not covering up. But this is the truth. You want another news? This is what Nina going to reveal. Yes! He does has feeling towards Nina before he tells Nina since Nina is close with his sister. So she tells everything to Nina, but before he confess to Nina. Nina told him that we should stop messaging all the time. Seriously, I waste too many money on messaging with him. So now, we back to being a problem solving friends. Will that satisfied you?

Two, Nina's heart is in pain? Yes that is true, since Nina is suffering from heart sickness. It's not in medical situation. It's more to feeling situation. Nina keep on holding what Nina feel pain lately, is Nina feel it's too much of a burden. Nina only told that "Nina is having a little problem, but Nina does not know what is troubling Nina's heart", to Nina's friend. Nina don't want to write it here, since that person might know who it is when Nina write it here. Nina feel that Nina want to cry right now. Actually, Nina got plenty of problem. Not only with friends, but also with study and there's one more. Nina can't say about it, if Nina say it. Nina will get yell at. Nina want to keep it in this heart. Not only that, people keep on telling to Nina about their problem. It suddenly became Nina's burden too. What can Nina do? Now there's even going to be a rumors about Nina having a scandal too. All Nina want is not to loose the friend that Nina think that they are so precious. Nina really glad having them as Nina's friends. Just don't abandon Nina. If Nina abandon Nina's friends that's mean, Nina's parent are not glad about having them as Nina's friends. Nina Choose parent first, since Nina love them so much even if they don't understand a little about what Nina want. Nina is still their only daughter. Nina is their hopes, since Nina's sister is no longer studying and always causing trouble to the family. Nina want to make their dream comes true.

Nina Loves:
1 is Mama
2 is Father
3 is Nina's no. 1 precious friend
4 is Nina's no. 2 precious friend
5 is Nina's no. 3 precious friend
6 is Nina's school mate Nadia
7 is Nina's school mate Fatimah
8 is Nina's school mate Najihah
9 is Nina's childhood friend Caramel
10 is Nina's big family
11 is Nina's classmate from college
12 is Nina's classmate from High school.

Nina wish that Nina don't want to loose them, if Nina do loose them. Nina will cry and feeling empty inside Nina. That is why, they are too precious to Nina. Please don't leave Nina...

What is The Meaning of Scandal and Friend?

Jun 9, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam sayang to my readers,
korang semua mesti pelik kan kenape entry Nina tuk kali ni dalam perasaan marah?
Good question...
Nak tau? 
Macam nie ceritenye.
Pada hari jumaat yang indah Nina dan Kak Ina (Kakak Bilik) Sedang keluar ke JPM dan BPM. Sebab ape? Sebab nak uruskan Kokurikulum Nina dan Kak Ina punye la. Dari pagi sampai la ke petang Nina berjalan je...! Memang banyak berjalan la semalam. Then, lepas maghrib Nina dan Kak Ina bersiap-siap nak pergi rumah Kak Farah. Sape pelajar KUIS tak kenal Kak Farah? Kak Farah adalah pengerusi untuk PMFSTM. Kak Farah juga bekas penghuni P10-604-B-B1. Hahaha... detail giler! In conclusion Nina kenal Kak Farah sebab 1 Fakulti and apartment dengan Nina. Okey2... sambung balik cerita.
Nina dan Kak Ina pergi rumah Kak Farah sebab Kakak Kak Farah nak kahwin... bukan "nak" dah, memang "dah" kahwin. Sebab semalam Nina datang Kak Ayu dah Akad Nikah... hehehe... romantik gile. tema pun memang grand la!! Seriusly Nina nak nangis tengok Kak Ayu, sebab sambil2 tu Nina tengah bayangkan kalo Nina yang kahwin. Mesti sedih mak and ayah Nina, terpaksa lepaskan Nina ke tangan lelaki lain.
Peha Nina kene pukul dengan Kak Ina, sebab menggedik berangan nak kawin. Hahaha... okey... pukul 10 malam gerak balik KUIS. Yelah! Gate tutup pukul 11. kene la balik. Sebelum balik tu singgah dulu kat kedai vista. Sebab dahaga... tak sempat minum dekat rumah Kak Farah. Dah sampai apartment dah, minum milo ais. lega je... penat sangat2. Time nak tido tu... ada announcement. Suruh keluar apartment, cakap ada laki menyamar sebagai perempuan masuk BOT Siswi!!! WHAT?!!!! Lepas tu ada pulak siswi2 dok mengejar, lepas tu ade pulak siswa yang nak masuk kawasan siswi. Ingat nak kejar penceroboh tu la. mengejar ape? Penceroboh tu ke? tapi tak macam penceroboh tu pon. Last2 semua siswi kene berkumpul kat tempat parking yang dekat tengah tu. Nina dengan kak Ina dah la ngantok and campur pening! KURANG AJAR LA PENCEROBOH TU!!! Lepas tu Kak Fesi cakap yang penceroboh tu kat P10 aras 6. Area apartment Nina!!! Kak Ina kene panggil bagi membantu Ustz. Imran. Dah lame2 tu... pukul 1:30 baru Nina dapat balik bilik. Ngantok, kawan Nina mesej siswa, dia join tolong tangkap penceroboh tu. cakap yang penceroboh tu kat 1st Cafe. kesian dia, tak tido malam sebab nak menangkap penceroboh tu. Nina semalam tido dekat dalam bilik Kak Ina. Pukul 2 baru dapat lelap. lepas tu pagi tadi bising2 suara lelaki kat area perempuan. Nina pun bangun la. Rupanya tak dapat ditangkap lagi. Kak Ina pulak keluar pergi date dengan tunang dia. Tinggal Nina seorang dekat apartment ni. Sebabkan nak berjaga-jaga, Nina letak sofa dekat belakang pintu utama. Kunci semua bilik termasuk bilik Nina. Nina pelak dekat bilik Kak Ina sekarang ni. Sambil on9 Facebook dan mengupdate blog... tu la cerita nya kenapa Nina punya entry macam itu... ngantok lagi ni. tapi baru je tadi ade bunyi bising kat depan rumah Nina. Risau betul la.

Penat! Happy... BENGANG!!!?

Jun 4, 2011
Posted by Nina Cherry

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