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Full Name: Septina Fasroin Baq'i binti Saromin

Nickname: Nina

Gender: Female

Marital status: Single.

Birthdate: Gregorian Calender: 21 September 1992

Birthplace: Johor Baharu, Malaysia.

Ambition: Animator, Cartoonist, I want to make anime using my own story. I have plenty of story
                 but no ending.

Total of Family: 4 (Father, Mama, Half-sister and Nina)

Nationality: Malaysia

Nation: Malay

Religious: Islam

Respected Person: My Father, My Mother, Rasulullah S.A.W amd Allah S.W.T

Healthy Level: I got low blood pressure.

Blood Type: O

Ethnicity: Asia

Website Address:

Zodiac: Virgo (The gentle star sign)

Hello there, I'm just a Little Chiery (Chibi Chiery) who full of dreams. I love to draw but still not good at it. I love making story based on my imagination. I got plenty of story in my head but I just doesn't know how to put it in text. LOL

A Little Chiery who love to spent most of her time reading manga and watching anime. Call me childish but it is what I do, after all I'm just a Little Chiery.

I'm single but I don't plan having any relationship. Just enough having my family and a close childhood friend. My English are poor, especially my grammar. Even so, I'll try my best to improve it. So I really do appreciate your support. 

That's all... thank you for reading it....

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