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Komichiwa n Assalamualaikum my friends...
Okay... long enough not to write, sure is rude. Today Nina gonna tell you about my course subjects for this semester.
1. Preparatory English II
2. Arabic Language II
3. Fiqh Islami II
4. Creative Multimedia Drawing
5. Introduction to Graphic Design
6. Introduction to Programming,
Okay... why is Nina telling you her subjects course? well... its because Nina want to talk about this one subject. That is, Introduction to Programming. When Nina in 1st sem Nina a bit understand about what is programming, but now Nina forgotten what is programming tehe... :p it's not because Nina purposely forgot it. No! Soon Nina understand that Nina is still too far from understanding what is IT itself. Nina only now the common basic of computer. Nina still wanna know what is IT what is technology. That is why Nina want to understand what is Programming. After Nina learn about programming and understand it, Nina will tell you about it from Nina point of view. Okay?

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What Is Programming...?

Oct 30, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

To my dear friend, I have enter KUIS, hehe... I feel so like a (senior) koz today one of new the new student just call us "Kak" hehe... (#^v^#)
Okay2 to the point, before I enter KUIS, my grandfather on my mother behalf... well. He just past away... I feel terribly sad. Well of course I'm sad... but... the point is, I don't have any grandparent left. My grandmather on my father behalf pass away 2 years ago. I'm unable to see my grandparent since I'm stuck at Malaysia for over 11 years. Just at the time I'm able to go hometown the left me without seeing me.
Sooooo terribly sad!!!
Okay... Now the story of my 1st week at KUIS. I already entering semester 2 (so proud) my result are... well this is kinda embarrass to say... well... I got... 3.15. I know it is not that much! I didn't work hard enough.
My 1st class were Preparatory English II, nice, beauty and cool lecturer. She is young, most boy probably drooling by seeing her beauty. Sorry boys, just to add word don't get angry. And I get my 1st homework from it. Surprisingly I go to class earlier than before. We all go 30 minutes before the class start. Haha... Then my Arabic Language lecturer still the same like before, but he became more kinder than before... hehe as usual my friend (girl) is crazy about him. But what disappoint me the T. Major subjects still not starting... man... I want to start learning Creative Multimedia Drawing!!! But the lecturer are no where to be found. (sigh) so what!? If you want to be a pro study hard right? Now let's go open that book and study...!!! (^v^)
Zuki: But Nina, you still don't have the book yet, and you got English homework. (*o*)
Nina: ... eh... you're right... ehehe... (^v^;) Well see yo next time my dear readers... (^-^)/

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My 1st week on sem 2

Oct 27, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Okay... Nina nak perubahan dekat blog Nina.
1st of all, Nina nak letak gambar Chibi Kobato di permulaan setiap blog. seperti diatas.
2nd Nina nak letak mood n jugak icon Kobato ada cube tp x lawa sbb Icon tu besar sgt. Tapi mood Nina dalam warna n dlm bhs jepun. Mcm kat YM Nina...
Nina plan nak buang signature tp x lawa plak. So Nina letak je la... kekalkan.
Mungkin ni je kot yg Nina nak ckp buat sementara ini.

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Perubahan perlu berlaku di blog ku

Oct 9, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

 Nina nak bagi tau, 11/10/10 bersamaan hari isnin. Nina amek test utk kereta P. Doakan nina ek...! (^v^)/ Yg kedua, Nina x lame lagi dah nak masuk kuis. Hmmm, mcm mne la khidupan Nina utk sem ke-2 ni. Nina bukan nye ape. Mase sem 1 dulu Nina byk kali wat benda yg memalukan diri Nina. Nina jnis yg susah nak lupe peristiwa yg memalukan, memarahkan, membuat diri ini bodoh, and menakutkan. Sampai sekarang Nina ingat lagi dari mase Nina kecik sampai sekarang Nina masih ingat semua benda yg memalukan. Jadi Nina berharap biar sem-2 kali ni Nina dpt mengawal emosi diri. Seriously kalo kawan2 ade kat posisi Nina msti susah nak berdepan dgn org yg pernah mengalami peristiwa yg memalukan diri sendiri. Utk kwn IT yg terbace blog ni, sila jgn diungkap peristiwa yg anda kenang bersama Nina. Sbb Nina akan hidup bersama anda utk 3 tahun.
Oct 8, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Ehem, Assalamualaikum semua.... (^u^)/
Nina nak mengusik satu benda dekat sini. Rasa ketidak puas hati pasal Nina x dpt nak tgok anime yg Nina nak tengok..... (TToTT) Walaupun Nina dah pnah tgok, tp Nina nak tgok lagi sbb crite dye best gle... Apatah lagi crite tu carya company CLAMP. (-.-) Sekarang ni Nina cume dgar ost dye je <-(OST Maniac). Oh ye, Sbb knp Nina x leh tgok video tu? Sbb video tu berlicense, and Nina tgok online... mestilah nina x dpt nak tgok. Hehehe... (^_^)\ Tp x kesah, sbb Nina ade suruh kwn nina tlg downloadkan. Kalo dye x dpt gak anime tu Nina beli je la kat kedai CD langganan Nina. Hehehe... okay.... itu shj rintihan Nina utk hari ini.

Peraturan Makin Ketat...

Posted by Nina Cherry

Okay, mula2 sekali Nina nak ckp yg Nina x lama lagi dah nak masuk Kolej balik. Nina patut masuk kolej 21/10/2010 ni, tp sebabkan Nina ikut Exco PMFTSI Nina kene balik pada 18/10/2010. Nina mmg nak tolong akak2 FTSI tp ntuk penginapan kitorang kene duduk kat qaryah (yg lame punye) tp sbbkan imaginasi Nina yg tinggi n jugak kawan Nina sndiri pernah nampak ade "Pocong" kat situ, Nina jadi takut. Nina ajak kawan, tp kawan sndiri pun x sure kalo mak dye bg pegi awal. Macam mana ni....??

Perasaan Yang Tak Boleh Diungkap...

Oct 5, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

To my dear reader,
   I'm using this opportunity to tell you the truth. this 15 years of my living span (3 years is not counted) to tell you the truth, I have no special person call "Boyfriend". I you guys confuse because of the way I'm writing this blog feeling that I have this special person is because of unrequited love.
   The story is just like what I write in the blog. The no.1 special person is someone that I meet when I'm in form 2. We just ordinary classmate, because of his cheerfulness I began fall in love with him but when I confess to him, he reject me saying that he want to study first and he is too young for puppy love. Soon I found out that he like my best friend, just imagine how painful is that?
   The no.2 special person is no.1 best friend, he kinda cute, cool, has warm smile (my type) I meet him when I'm in form 4 but I try to plan it carefully by being friend with him first, he accept me by being friend but whenever I try to call him or message him he never replied. I still stick on him by asking his friend help also my friend, but my friend advice me that he is a player. My heart cry so much, but I still stick on him till I got my SPM result back. Then I gradually forget about him and I give up, since he never care about me and my friend also worried about me.
   The no.3 person is when I meet him when I work at Kamdar, we are like a friend. I just say that I like him and never think of dating him. He say thank you and reject me, but he say that he like to be my friend. Up until now I still contact with him as a normal friend.
   The no.4 person is my current friend, we meet and go out (double date) once. I know him from my friend, but we just only contact and I understand him a little bit only, he always there for me but when I think of dating I try to stop that thing from my mind. Since we only meet once I don't think he like me back, and knowing his mature and brotherly character I would expect that he will reject me.
   So in the simple way of explaining, I gave up love. This is the best for me not to hurt my own heart. But I just loving that person but not going to tell him my feeling. But whenever I read manga or watch romance genre anime, I think of those memory again, then I'll write my feeling to this blog. This blog is a place where my unrequited feeling being stored. I'm still single and available. Please don't misunderstood that I have boyfriend or something.

Sincerely and Love by,
Tsukina Kanarimoto

To My Dear Reader

Oct 4, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

A current new day has just started,
a reminder tell me about my void,
a void about this unrequited love,
Long ago how much I love you,
It was once use to be a place for love,
But since it just something that someone didn't want it,
it was left empty,
Since this 15 years, I have nothing to fill the void,
no one want to fill this void,
so empty it has been,
so cold it has been,
this part can never be replace once it already crack,
so please someone fill it with all your love,
so it will stay as strong it is,
with a support it can be strong,
no longer empty,
no longer cold and crack for wind to touch it.
But, I have been looking and searching,
No one want to help me.
Do you know how sad it is?
How pain it is?
No being able to fell warmth.
In a vast, all alone since I already reach 18th I'll be alone,
but without love, I feel like a machine doing something,
the same thing repeatly,
day after day, without no one looking after me.

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Oct 1, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

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