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There's a lot of wound in this world.
All of them are just the same.
If you hurt me I'll got wound that can be seen and cannot be seen.
The wound in the heart and the wound on the skin are the same.
It need an antidote to remove the bacteria and need time to close.
Heart are the same.
Use antidote that can't be seen but you can feel it.
By saying sorry it'll remove all the pain.
And need time to close the scar that was made from the words that is the bacteria that can't be seen but can feel it.
We need time to it close and heal from it.

A Wound of Heart.

Jul 18, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

Assalamualaikum... mina-san...!!! Ogenki deska?
Nina wa ogenki desu... (^,^)... Now, Nina want to say... I miss you all!
I've been busy with midterm, but I was just playing all the time. Actually I'm busy with my mountains of assignment. Including right now, I'm doing it. Since it was so boring, I spend a little bit time to write something on my blog. Oh yeah, recently I bought books, (that makes my money end up gone in a flash) (TT-TT) it's about dream (Yume) a dream that show what you dream and what is the meaning behind it. A little tips from me. If it's a good dream you can tell it to your friends and family, since it was from Allah s.w.t. But if it's a nightmare, DON'T tell it to anyone. Because it's from Syaitan (Devil) the reason is, that dream might come true. BUT, if you dream of fantasy and you cannot find a meaning of that dream, that's your dream's dream. got it? from that on, I never tell anyone about my dream either happy dream nor nightmare. I wont tell it to anyone. I hope you guys have a good dreams....

The Secret Behind Dreams

Jul 12, 2010
Posted by Nina Cherry

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