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Salam sayang readers,
Tonight Nina want to share a good song of game. 
This game is called "Cytus", I guess some of you guys have heard it. Anyway, some who still don't know it's basically a game of music. We play it according to the notes that have been prepare. It simple but fun, and sometime it devilish. Hehehe.

an example of the game

Cytus is a game of music, but the most unique and awesome of this game are that they "produce their own song". So it cannot be any music or song. It originally from them. They arrange according to the level of Easy 1 until 9. Hard 1 until 9. Also they have a story of it which I don't remember much of it. So they have a different level also.
Just try install it and play it yourself. It is very fun.

Right now, Nina want to share cytus new song which Nina like so much. Even though the lyrics are in philippines it's still awesome.

Sa bawat araw na lumilipas,
ang mga litratong kumupas
sa aking isipan ay
bumabalot sa puso kong ito.

Dahan-dahan nang umuulit
ang bawat sakit at mapa-pait
na mga ala-alang ika’y
aking nasaktan.

Gumuguho na ang mundo ko.
Naglalakad sa sarili kong abo.

Ngayon nandito ako sumisigaw, naliligaw -
sa mundong naiiba sa mundong natatanaw.
Ngayon nandito ako umiiyak, naghihintay sa -
iyong ngiti dito sa’king panaginip.

Sa bawat yugto na aking likha
ay mga malungkot na tadhana.
Pinipilit gumising,
umaasang mamulat ang mata

 Dahan-dahan ko’ng ginuguhit
ang bawat tamis at mala-lambing
na mga ala-alang ika’y
sakin’ naghihintay.

Gumuguho na ang puso ko.
Namulat na ang mga mata’ng ito.

Ngayon nandito ako dahan-dahang natatanaw -
ang mundong aking gawa mula sa aking luha
Ngayon nandito ako tumatakbo, inaabot ang -
iyong kamay at ang iyong pusong makulay.

Sa pagikot ng mundong ito,
ang nais ko ika'y aking mapasaya.
Ang tinago kong mga luha
sa iyo ay aking iniwan na sa mundo ko.

Ngayon nandito ako na yumayakap sa iyo
Patawarin mo ako, nasaktan ko puso mo.
Ngayon nandito ako hindi nang bibitawan pa ang
Iyong kamay dito sa’ting kuwento ng buhay.

kuwento ng buhay.

COMA by Ensou ft. Gumi Megpoid (Vocaloid)

May 31, 2014
Posted by Nina Cherry
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Salam sayang my readers,
Did you see Nina's new template? Cool right?
It's been so long that Nina want a cool template but most of it Nina don't know how to make it. So now Nina search and search and happen to stumble on this website

Then most of it are simple and a bit unsatisfied, so Nina go to the creator website itself. It happen to be Indonesian, lucky me (^ - ^)
So Nina surf and surf and found a template of Hatsune Miku. At first Nina was like, "Oh COOL!!" but later Nina a bit confused about the system and the editing. So Nina surf again and found this Anime Note template.

A bit satisfy but something wrong, there's a link to page that Nina don't know how to use!! So Nina try to remember what Nina learn in HTML. And it's better!!! So now Nina know hot to edit the page system and link.

New Template

Posted by Nina Cherry

Salam Sayang my readers.

Tonight Nina will talk about new reverse harem anime that Nina watch yesterday. Actually, it's not new but Nina just watch it yesterday.

Well, the mot important things is, Nina love this anime already. Especially it's about different world and fantasy. Not to mention the best opening and ending song!

Okay, this anime is basically originate from Otome Games so the heroine is called "Heroine". Not exactly "Heroine" or anything, but the males character never called her name even once. So the media named her "Heroine" that's all, since I don't have any PS/PSP so I don't know how the games goes but my guess is that the girl will be put under your name.

The storyline is based on the title, Amnesia. The heroine wakes up without remembering anything, even her name or what happen. Then suddenly a floating fairy named Orion spoke to her. As the story goes on she meet with another 4 male characters. Shin the "Heart", Toma the "Diamond", Ikki the "Spade" and Kent the "Clover". The last character that appear sometimes are Ukyo the "Joker". Sound familiar? well, in the game they use this cards name as their route.

A bit confusing at first, but it just looping at tha same date "August 1st". Each time the heroine travel to the different world she end up in the same date, but each world tell a different story of her dating a different male characters. At first she travel when she was about to die from falling from cliff or drown, but the last 3 character she will travel by being bump by people and being killed by Ukyo.

Later it is reveal that she was died in her original world. Actually she was trap in a burning clock tower on August 1st and in coma until August 25th where she died. Ukyo who miserably sad, make a wish for him to see the heroin in a different world. Unfortunately, the price for him to be in different world is his life in exchange for the heroine to live, but the heroine end up dying as well. This make Ukyo wish didn't come true, at the last world where she is dating Ukyo the world is trying to kill her instead of Ukyo. On August 25th where the heroin is supposed to die, Ukyo warn her not to go anywhere and never trust him again (since he got a split personality where the other Ukyo is trying to kill her in order for him to live) but the heroin end up going to save Ukyo who is trying to suicide. But it was a trap set up by the evil Ukyo, the good Ukyo try to save her by being stabbing his heart. This make his wish come true, and the heroin is able to return to her original world (which is I don't know which one is her real world is) and her memory is return.

As for my favorite character is Ukyo I guest since he is the one who will sacrifice his live in order for her to live. But Toma 'yandere' personality make me attract to him more. Shin shy face also the best ever! Ikki kindness charm me more though... ahahaha!! so hard to choose.

Now for the hot pics!!

The Ending actually sang by Yanagi Nagi but there a lot of them that copyright so they mute it. Even though this is male-like version but it's still a lot better.

Enjoy (^_^)/


May 24, 2014
Posted by Nina Cherry
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Hai hai hooo (^o^)/
Sorry long time no post dear readers. Lately Nina has been down for the first time in forever, which is the biggest down ever!!! And Nina just couldn't forget it & handle it. So lucky Nina, that Nina got good friends that help Nina handle this things.
Okay, forget about that gloomy days, now Nina want to share something good. Nina new favorite Anime "Brothers Conflict" well at first Nina didn't like the protagonist since all the male characters like her, but then after watching it I becoming more interested in her... KYAAA!!! Why you ask? To Nina, she's not that perfect but she has the power to make the boys head over heel for her!! Nina want that kind of power too!!! She also not the type to easily accept that man who confess to her just like that but she think more of the family than her heart. She sacrifice her love for the family. Way to go girl!!! Oh almost forgot. her name is Hinata Ema, her pet call her "Chii". For your information, she is not blood-related at all with her father. She understand this and she keep on supporting the family more than her own feeling.

As for the "brothers", my first impression is. Are all of them adoptive? Because it's too damn many!! 13 brothers!! Well at least 1 of them is adoptive (Louis) . But seriously, how the hell the mother is able to give birth to 12 brothers with 1 man?? she must be old.... (o_o)
Then why is it that all of them like her when she just arrive, especially "Kaname" he immediately show the sign of liking her as a woman. Then the twin Tsubaki, she is your sister (even though not blood related at all) but why the hell you kiss her just for a comfort? Don't you guys got a girlfriend? Shesh! As for Yusuke, I feel sorry for him. He is the first person to love her & also her classmate, but end up as a sibling?! It worse than being in a friendzone!!!! Even though I got plenty of comment but I still love this anime, the best one I say. I even try to go and look for the light novel but I couldn't find the english version.
Oh yes, my favorite brothers are

1. Iori
2. Louis
3. Fuuto
4. Yusuke
5. Azusa
6. Natsume
7. Tsubaki
8. Ukyo

Well it's more to my favorite brothers in order I guess.

These guys got their own enemy/pair in fighting over Ema.
1. Masaomi vs. Wataru
2. Ukyo vs. Hikaru
3. Kaname vs. Iori
4. Tsubaki vs. Azusa
5. Natsume vs. Subaru
6. Louis vs. Juli
7. Yusuke vs. Fuuto
I guess Louis & Juli are not enemy, they more of a pair since the both of them are aiming to protect her than having her for romantic feeling.

And now the hots pic

Ukyo's sexy pose!!! He is hot but more to a brother to me than lover.

Natsume, are you asking me to hug you...? YES!!!!


Brothers Conflict

May 21, 2014
Posted by Nina Cherry
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