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// Posted by :Nina Cherry // On :Oct 27, 2014

Okay, so now I'm a bit active on wattpad these days. What's a wattpad? Well basically you read or write stories, poems, and etc. in it.

Mostly I read fanfiction stories that all about anime of course. What I recommend the most is below, Frozen Melody & Fate and Destiny. Both are KuroBasu fanfiction written by my senpai WinterRaineeDay. She is a good angst writer I tell you. I cried all the time when I read these books.


Singing is a dream came true for her. A talented musician and composer, Kuroko Tetsuki hid herself from the world eyes behind her stage name, HEAVEN. The name alone held so much reputations in bringing a song to life, which could change one view of life. Hidden from everyone, she suffered from an incurable disease that slowly brings her closer to her death bed at each ticking second. Along the way, she encountered many challenges and the renowned band, The Generation of Miracles. As love triangle, hardships, friendship and many other walls had given her the chances she thought she could never have. She never gave up in reaching for her dreams. Each tear fell made her stronger, each step made her even stronger.


"Then, let's make a promise that only I can sing your songs." That was the forgotten promise after the incident that erased his entire memories of her and everything else. They were torn apart. As time goes by, his memories began returning bit by bit after they both bumped into one another. The one who appears in his dreams were none other than the mysterious genius musician who's hidden behind the renowned stage name, HEAVEN. The only string of fate that connected them both was the beautiful sound of her melodies as it resonates in their lives. Can he, who was a written fate laid out for him, escape from it? Can she stay strong facing the challenges of life as her destiny awaits for her? Will they be able to fight their Fate and Destiny? AkaxFem!Kuroko , Hints of Yandere!Kise Ryota

Well, As you can see that the both of them are almost the same right? But the pairing are a bit different and the plot is slightly different. So I'm seriously recommend these two to you readers.

These are the links:

As for me, I'm just a beginner. So excuse for my bad writing. You can read my stories from the Story tab button above. (0.<)v

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