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// Posted by :Nina Cherry // On :Oct 26, 2014

Okay so here I am after hiding for a very long time.
I've been depress and locking myself for... well I don't know for how long already. My dream is gone now and I lost my hope, maybe I'm not mature enough. Well, I just notice all the dumb and stupid things that I've done in the past and everything reflecting that how childish I am towards the society. I thought that with the way I'm thinking I can achive what I want but no- I stumble and fall over and over again until I can't and I don't know how to get up.

Luckily I have my dear friend which still willingly to help me get up, but I'm still in the process of getting up from this nightmare. I hope this last dream and hope I have can help me becoming stronger.

Alright, now back to the original topic. From the time I depress, I watch a lot of anime. Free: Eternal Summer, Yumeiro Patissiere (ReWatch), well mostly I don't remember but what caught my attention the most is Kuroko no Basuke. 

Kuroko no basuke is all about basketball. They are not like Slam Dunk because they some kind of have a very powerful abilities, for example Midorima Shintaro (Green Head) is a freaking powerful three-pointer shooter. He never miss his long three-pointer even from any direction or how far it is, so he is the Shooter Guard for Kiseki no Sedai. As for Kise Ryota (Blondie) he is the perfect copycat, he can copy any style of player that he sees [well except one, Kuroko Tetsuya] and many more. [watch it yourself or read the manga]

Also, because of this KuroBasu/KnB (short form) I become addicted to Yaoi [wholeheartedly] not because someone recommend or being force. I love it myself, my OTP is AkaKuro. Why? because the both of them are so cute~~ (>///<) Akashi is the seme type and also he is short that's why his perfect match is Kuroko.

Oh hell yeah I don't care if people ask "why you like Yaoi? it's kinda eww" So what? they are cute you know.

Wait till you see this cute and adorable video. This awesomely heart touching video you know. So enjoy.

This is one of Kuroko Tetsuya awesome technique and drive in the basketball.

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